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Another Satan-evil criminal anonymous email comes in through a Dizum server

Fadeke, my congratulations, your cunning ruse worked


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <> via


date: 7 Nov 2023, 00:57

subject: Fadeke, my congratulations, your cunning ruse worked


security: did not encrypt this message Learn more

: Important according to Google magic.

Dear Fadeke

Your Brain Storm that we could gain some valuable extra time if I pretended to send consultation emails to an incorrect email address, so losing temporarily the vital link to my solicitors and thus presenting the suar-janbhosadiwale of the Corona Persecution Service no option but to grant a postponement of their intended kangaroo proceedings of this Friday, has I think worked, though I will attend nonetheless and carry with me proof of the 'error' to argue for the extension.

You must by now to eager to know how you can get your 2.5% share of the £ 18.4 million compensation I am due. While the spontaneous legal sidestepping we can discuss later, first I must

deal with my buccaneering, as the purnavatar, into your rectal passage to the sound of your primal screams. I have consulted with my rashifal and have determined that this Thursday is the

appropriate day for consummation.

I found my former solicitor, Sex Trainee Ravina Karir, quite unsuitable because super-sized Dotun was there already and has caused irreparable dilation of her Olive, lackadaisical is one thing but slack is another. Similarly, the idiot Katrina For Sale proved a let down and is now too old also.

I hope Jasbir's explorations has not spoiled my enjoyment with you.

For several reasons there will be no need for any contraception for you.

I will specify what you should be wearing so I am aroused during the car journey at 5pm from 59 Green Street to Krishna Niwas. I have a binding prepenetration contract for you to sign and all

the binding equipment also and then it will be three hours while I do my Rama-Sita on you. Not to worry about noise, you can shriek to your little heart's content because I have enlarged the

priapic hedgerow.

Should you have second thoughts, you must overcome them. Should you go to the Police, it is you who will be arrested because you proposed an illegal course of action, and I consulted the Officer

In Charge directly. Compliance with my Tantric Commandments is now your only option, little Fadeke.

Is that understood?

Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL


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