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Communication with the Samaritans: Your email to me yesterday evening

Your email to me yesterday evening




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Sheffield Road (jo_Samaritans)

Fri, 16 Sept at 18:15

Dear Jo

I was in a bit of a muddle so accidentally deleted the email that I received from you as I was responding to another email from bp. But I faintly remember reading that you wished to be informed about MEGAN and their diagnosis of my Personality Disorder.. I have not been able to login MEGAN last Wednesday and will have to retrieve the Login/Zoom details from one of my earlier books that I must have stored it in.

Nonetheless, the muddle centres as I said on the present state of my official diagnosis and treatment: After trying to contact the GP Surgery twice unsuccessfully on the telephone Surgery on why it is taking so long for clarification to emerge I had to send them an eConsult message that should receive a response within 48 hours. I wrote as follows:

: "With reference to Dr Chris Nyeko (Consultant Psychiatrist at Britton House) dated 2 September 2022 that states that I have bipolar and delusional disorder, I no longer wish to contest this diagnosis and treatment with 4 mg risperidone, 150 mg sertraline and 1000 mg Depakote daily, so please cancel my appointment of 28 September 2022 with Dr Oyerinde on the Telephone (unknown time). I will do my Blood Test on 21 September 2022 9.00 am as scheduled.

With the Surgery not picking up the telephone on my second attempt today I decided to telephone Britton House and discuss their letter to me dated 2 September 2022. The conversation went as follows:

I spoke to the receptionist at the Community Mental Health Team giving my name and saying that I received a letter from you last Saturday from Dr Nyeko, is it possible for me to speak to him. She said No because he is with a client. I said this letter says that I suffer from Bipolar Disorder with delusions but it does not say what the medication is for that. She looked up the letter on the computer and read it, specifying that I supposedly wanted Bipolar disorder to be removed from the records. I said the medications that I am on are for paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusional disorders and not for Bipolar so it is not appropriate. She said Who diagnosed you to be Bipolar. I said Dr Nyeko must have done this. She said No because he has not examined you. It must have come in the letter of referral from your GP. You need to ask the GP for a copy of the letter of referral. I said Can you contact the GP because I do not accept this letter from Britton House. She said No we cannot contact your GP. You have to do that yourself. She had said that this letter states that should I have any concerns I need to speak to my GP. I said that I have done that and the GP Surgery is not taking any action. I said in that case there is nothing that I need from you as I do not accept this letter unless you send me another letter. She said you are not in our Care so we cannot do anything. OK, I said. Thank you Call ended.

So who or what was written in the referral letter to change my diagnosis from hitherto paranoid schizophrenia and delusional disorders to Bipolar with delusions. The referral letter from the GP Surgery needs to be examined.

In the meantime an online aquaintance on WhatsApp, Amulya from Odisha State in India sent me a photograph of the Indian Flag. I could not respond to it there and then for it would have shown to the authorities here in the United Kingdom that I had allegiences to India and or Hinduism etc. It was not until my conversation with Britton House receptionist ended that I could reply to Amulya with 'Your sending me the Indian flag made be feel very good' He did not reply immediately. I then deleted a Amazon/Laura email and a second such criminal anonymous email from my yahoo account. AT 16.56 pm Amulya replied 'Yes older Brother'. I did not continue with the conversation for I have to keep myself firmly in the United Kingdom.

At this point I thought to myself, with the Medway County Court not responding to my email: linked here: CLAIM JOOME572 ( it is the State that has to decide whether to investigate me for criminality or mental illness so severe that the alleged crimes were pardonable. As things stood I was neither a criminal nor mentally disordered, but I am prescribed risperidone, sertraline and Depakote by the GP Surgery.

The only way to sort this matter out was to telephone Kent Police so at around 5.05 pm I dialled 101 and spoke to a lady in the Control room of Kent Police. I asked for an update on my arrest and interrogation last September-November that PC Nicholls was conducting; and was it possible to speak to him. She asked if I had a Crime Reference Number. I said No I have not been given a Crime Reference Number of an Incident Number but it was to do with harassment and stalking. She checked my date of birth and located the details on her computer and said the WPC Field is in charge of this Case; that she is off duty now and will not be back until Tuesday next week. She said that she would send her an email and ask her to contact me. I said I needed to know if my case has been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service. She said she cannot give that information as she is on the switchboard. I then said our computer, mobile phone, USB Memory Stick and Amazon Fire were taken away by the Police on 24 November 2021 and we need to know if these items would be returned, or we would have to buy new ones. She agreed to include this query in her email to WPC Field. The Call ended.

At 17.58 the landline rang which my wife took and it was for me from a person with an American accent. She told him that I was not available.

This should give you an idea of what I study as a gyan yogi employing satya-advaita yoga as a technique to ascertain my destiny. The oppressors find it hard to pin me down for to be an Escapologist one has tot truth-accommodate.

I hope this answers your question and I am sorry once again for deleting your email without realising its importance in the circumstances.

Yours sincerely


Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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