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from:    forz khan <>

date:     21 May 2024, 09:53

subject:               Complaint


Signed by:

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Dear Dr Panigrahi


Thank you for your complaint.


This is my formal response.


There is no valid basis for complaint.


The case about which you complain took place in 2021. This is over 3 years ago.


We agreed by a client care letter dated 23rd March 2021 that I would undertake work as follows;

The work I will carry out for you in relation to this matter will be to;

1. Read any paperwork & information that you provide to me up to and including the date of a conference in relation to a private prosecution that you wish to bring against The Crown Prosecution Service.

 2. Conduct a conference with you at a mutually convenient time where you may ask questions that you have in relation to the above matter & we will discuss the case. Due to the covid pandemic the conference will be by telephone.


The fees agreed were - £2500 + VAT (£500) = £3000. Total = £3000.


The agreed sum was paid on 24th March 2021.


I read the case on 24th & 25th March 2021.


I concluded that the case was hopeless & thus told you this.


I agreed to refund all the money paid despite my having carried out part of the agreed work.


On 25th March 2021 I refunded the full amount.


There are no grounds to complain.


Should you disagree please feel free to approach The Legal Ombudsman - Bring your complaint to us | Legal Ombudsman


The person who can deal with this at The Legal Ombudsman is - Jason Chapman, Senior Ombudsman -




Kindest regards.


F. Khan.


Middle Temple.

Trinity 1988.

The Chambers of F. Khan, London

Direct Mobile - 07854 109 584  -  Email -

Regulated by The Bar Standards Board     


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Important Notice

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