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Complaint against USDAW at the Trades Union Congress

Complaint against USDAW at the Trades Union Congress2


Thu, 3 Jun at 13:51

Ruth Cross <>

To:'Shantanu Panigrahi'

Tue, 8 Jun at 10:30

Thank you for your email Dr Panigrahi

I understand that you have had advice from your Usdaw Area Organiser Raf Rey and I am not sure there is anything I can add to that.

I will ask our records team to get in touch with details of how to continue your membership via direct debit.

With thanks and best wishes

Ruth Cross

Equalities Officer


tel: 0161 224 2804

From: Shantanu Panigrahi []

Sent: 03 June 2021 13:52

To: Equality Matters; Ruth Cross

Subject: Complaint against USDAW at the Trades Union Congress





I find it intolerable that nothing has been heard from USDAW at the Tesco Aylsesford CFC Branch and no Investigation Meeting has yet taken place concerning my suspension from work and subsequent reticence on the part of Tesco to allow me to return to work pending such an investigation. Further neither has Sainsburys plc removed the not-for-rehire status on my employability with the firm and other retailers such as Iceland have given no feedback on a vacancy I applied for despite glowing reports on my suitability in Customer Service, see attached correspondence. FrJenniferRockcliffe(TradesUnionCongress)LegalProceedings2June2021.docx; HobbyCraft(YourApplication)Job27May2021.docx.

I feel that I have been discriminated against by these retailers and I expected something more than Raf's telephone call to me saying that I had resigned from Tesco so there was no scope for a return to work for me. I explained that I had submitted my resignation initially as I was being constructively dismissed to cover up the criminal actions of trollers dressed as Victims of Panigrahi Association or VOPA. It would also therefore appear that Tesco itself has placed me under not-for-rehire status, without any explanation from all of these employers of what it was that I did wrong in my work or associated activities. I asked Tesco to give me a copy of its Social Media Policy, so that I can make amends appropriately to rectify my errors, but this Social Media Policy has not been sent to me.

Please let me know if USDAW can do anything further with regard to this matter. If my job at Tesco plc or Sainsbury cannot be restored through USDAW representation to these two particular employers I would still wish to continue with my membership of USDAW for I wholly believe in trade unionism. Please send me the Bank Account details of USDAW to change my monthly payment means stating how much unemployed retail trade workers need to pay for the continuation of the membership.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619


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