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Continuation of Criminal anonymous emails

The consequences of rejecting the offer from me, Dr Panigrahi


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <> via


date: 23 Aug 2023, 10:24

subject: The consequences of rejecting the offer from me, Dr Panigrahi


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Dear Legal Personnel

DISCLAIMER - This may not be used in any submission to the state authorities. To do so would comprise an Obstruction of Justices and give rise to proceedings against you for breech of confidence.

This scandal has reached a Constitutional Crisis point within the history of the British State in the matter of representation in courts including the Supreme Court and the International Criminal Court a private victim of official tyranny and misconduct so serious as to give rise to a worldwide meltdown.

The present lackadaisical conduct cannot continue for it risks a complete reset of the hallowed institutions of our country.

You must, without further procrastinations or weak excuses of "not my field", sort out among yourselves who will be representing me in my Dravidian struggle against the Golyath Branch of the State, because, like hackney cabs, your enabling secondary and tertiary legislation does not permit you to turn down a good-faith flagger without good, just and sufficient cause, explained to him promptly and in writing. Heretofore, this has not been done, rendering you liable to punishment

both civil and criminal. Losing your licences to practise may prove the least of your worries. Is that understood?

What if you do not comply and I remain unrepresented at the end of August? I do have severe sanctions far beyond blogging, reporting you and if relevant your employers to your respective regulators and issuing proceedings against you.

Permit me to respectfully provide you with a clue about what form such sanctions could take, implemented by me spontaneously and nonchalantly. More than thirty years ago I served as a Senior Scientific Officer specialising in Toxicology and Pharmacology, this following my holiday in Eastern India in 1991, in reality, in my home state of Odisa, in theory so NRI was compelled to meet all the costs, monitoring the presence of aflatoxin M1 and other lacto-poisons which exceed in morbidity rate per unit volume all but three or four secretions of the most venomous tree-frogs, spiders and snakes known to science so far.

I conducted numerous bioassays for detecting environmental poisons "in the wilds", even teaching undergraduates how to synthesise and mass-produce the same, making choices and fine-tuning with a view to maximising the toxicological effects of such environmental contaminants, to include water-soluble, fungal / mycoidal, gaseous and diffusible chemicals.

To cut short a long matter, Creation and Deployments of Bioweapons, now seemingly with the covert support of the Moldovan Republic, to prophylactically and lactically defend itself as sovereign state

against a potential encroachment by Mr Vladimir Putin, for whom behnchod the Conservative Libertarian Party (CEO Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi) has unilaterally issued an open Arrest Warrant (bench) which will be enforceable by COBRA, MI5 and INTERPOLIS. I am seeking to preliminarily assess the viability of my cultivations prior to the hypothetical, limited and naturally unpremeditated introduction of microshrimp into the water supply of Pursers Way or the Donets.

Would you be prepared to involuntarily participate or volunteer your lawyerly practice in my field-testing and assaying of the same? I am a world-renowned master at more than escapology, as you may concluse from a list of my eminent publications in this field.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi (1993), Bioassay of mycotoxins using terrestrial and aquatic animal and plant species. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 31: 767-790.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi (2022), Potentially Peer-Reviewed Study on the Hypothecated Practicality of Overt and Covert Dissemination of Alternaria and other Topical Tropical Poisons and Contaminants via both direct and vectored means so as to minimize or maximise the localised

or societal effects with a view to psychological considerations, Lulu Press, UK.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi (1997) Alternaria toxins. In: Handbook of Plant and Fungal Toxicants. Handbook of Pharmacology and Toxicology - A CRC Press Series. pp 319-337. Editor: J.P.F. D'Mello. ISBN 0-8493-5551-2. CRC Press, Inc., Jackson's Hole, USA.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi and Dallin, S. (1994) Toxicity of some Alternaria spp metabolites to brine shrimp Artemia salina L. larvae. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 66: 493-496.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi and Dallin, S. (1997) The mung seed germination bioassay of tenuazonic acid, an Alternaria toxin. Tropical Science, 37: 9-12.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi and Francis, B.J. (1982) Digestibility and possible toxicity of the yam, Dioscorea alata. Nutrition Reports International, 26: 1007-1013.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi, Coker, R.D., Jones, B.D., Nagler, M.J., Gilman, G.A. and Wallbridge, A.J. (1984) Bioassay of Mycotoxins. In: Section A16. The Mycotoxins Training Manual. G report. Tropical Development and Research Institute.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi, Dietz, H.M. and Harris, R.V. (1991) Toxicity of hydrolysis products from 3-butenyl glucosinolate in rats. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 39: 311-315.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi, Parfitt, Nicholas CBE (2023), Abductive Acceptabilities in Microflora of legal rats. Awaiting review by McGraw-Hill or failing that, The Allurement of Review in 181 Volumes.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi, El Samra, S.E., Bhosale, S.D., Parr, W.H. and Coker, R.D. (1986) Dietary vitamin and aflatoxin interactions in chicks and ducklings. In: Proceedings of 7th European Poultry Conference, Paris, 1986. Volume 1. General, Genetics, Nutrition, posters. pp 267-271. Ed. Larbier, M., 37002 Tours, France; World's Poultry Science Association.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi, Francis, B.J., Cano, L.A. and Burbage, M.B. (1984) Toxicity of Jatropha curcas seeds from Mexico to rats and mice. Nutrition Reports International, 29: 1089-1099.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi, Jones, B.D. and Dallin, S. (1994) Effects of dietary tenuazonic acid, isolated from a culture of Alternaria alternata, on broiler chicks. Proceedings of the 9th Eurpoean Poultry Conference, 7 to 12 August 1994, Glasgow, UK; Volume I,: 179-180. Walker and Connel, Ltd.

Dr Shantanu Gopinath Panigrahi, Phillips, S.I., Wareing, P.W., Dutta, A. and Medlock V. (1996). The mycoflora and incidence of aflatoxin and zearalenone in dairy feed and forage samples from Eastern India and Bangladesh. Mycopathologia,133: 15-21.

So now are you still not prepared to cease ignoring me and instead promptly co-operate with my demands as a law-abiing Hindu citizen, and provide me with legal representaiton, thereby averting an escalation with unpredictable and widespread collateral effects, some of which may

be of an adverse nature?

Wishing you long and productive professional lives. This is my Final Contribution to this matter and you are now obliged to reply. Failure to do so may not be wise.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Telephonic communications are suspended pending arrest of Max Hill and the Chief Constable.

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