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Criminal anonymous emails resume (a)

Reprisals vs Alexandra Bailey, IOPC Customer Contact Adviser


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <> via


date: 18 Aug 2023, 08:39

subject: Reprisals vs Alexandra Bailey, IOPC Customer Contact Adviser


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Shantanu Panigrahi via

08:39 (7 minutes ago)

to enquiries, katrina, katrina, info, me

To: IOPC Customer Contract Team

But, principally for action by Miss Alexandra Bailey to satisfy my domestic and personal needs to atone for her crime and terrorism against me.

And To: Miss Katrina Sale

But, only in her capacities as a Data Handler for Ten Entrepreurs and Conservative Policies Forum Organisations so as not to breach the Bail Conditions unlawfully imposed upon me by her accomplices in the Police, in the event they still possess residual validity and my lawyers below are in error.

And To: Invicta Law who by failing to provide a substitute under the Law of Representation is still deemed to be accepting my instructions as my Solicitors.

Now more than a day has passed since my non-negotiable demand for a full apology from the IOPC for its outrageous failure in internal controls to permit an office junior clerk to buccaneer with such a

damaging communication to a valued customer under the auspices of the IOPC, much more restitution will be needed.

My Need To Enter In To A Young Lady To Relieve The Tensions Of A Dharmayudhi.

In a full and final compensation, and avoid ruinous legal proceedings at the Supreme Court and IPCC, the IOPC must within two weeks of receipt either surrender Miss Bailey to my premises at a time when I will arrange the kutias are absent for me to consensually ravage on two occasions each of a maximum three hour duration, or, either if she is unwilling or her appearance is markedly different from that in the social media profile which presently I associate with her due to coincidence of name, a substitute young lady of excellent moral character who is satisfactory to me and at my spontaneous discretion. Is this clear?

If you think a middlewoman is needed in this transaction of convenience, I cannot think of a more suited one than Katrina Sale, whose age and impediments mean I have no other interests in her in

spite of her many attempts to draw attention upon herself, instead of on Jessica Rabbit da Costa, Orla Scam's Man and the the gingery Geri Ottewell.

Such a domestic arrangement shall be deemed a Term-Period Marriage, the woman cannot demand any alimony if she breaks the contract by refusing sex without good cause, eg injury or unnatural periodic- pain. Rape within a Term-Period Marriage shall not be possible, it cannot exist as an offence. While the woman has the right to unpremeditatedly terminate it irreversibly in the presence of witnesses sound in mind and of age, without retrospective effect, but only during daylight hours. Until then, the man has full sway and limitless access rights. I am the world's leading authority on the

fine-tuning of these contracts and I documented my findings at which I recommend Alexandra Bailey studies while performing the preparatory

But my official reply to the IOPC's "first formal warning" is as follows-

Fuck off Saale Bhosadiwale Madarchod Suar Ke Bacche Chootia Behnchod Kahinke Pig-shit Bastard Vermine-Worm Phirangi Wanking Fascist Dirty Criminal Parasitic Dogs, I will stuff my danda into your diseased gaands for as long as I keep you arseholes alive.

Are you not yet satiated with all the pissing and shitting I have done over your Nazi Number-Two-filled gobar brains enough for 27 years you no-longer nameless or faceless humanimals swimming in the sewer that I have drowned you in? Answer me now, you creeps. I am your piss-artist tormentor, that is what you get you fucking plundering colonisers of India for 420 years I told you it is my turn

on behalf of the tens of millions who suffered under your predecessor cruellest slave-masters in the 'jewel in the crown'. You can never get rid of me or expel me. You think I care for my safety or your

toothless threats when I am The Purnavatar practising tamasic Sanatan-Dharma under a cosmic nataraja? I take the Fullest Revenge so am here to knock the living stuffing out of gaandus like you. You show how civilised you are: you are no more than a flapping dewinged insectivore. As I told you before, I am fearless, you Shit-bag Nation of Morons in a Police State.

You get it now? Is that clearly understood? IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?

Since you guaranteed it cannot delay your acceptive response, I make this claim for compensation in Mancunian Pig Gaelic, as here "Gael eu a'i IOPC fynegir unrhyw ar chynnwys unrhyw y rhyngrwyd

gymraeg, Katrina Sale, freintiedig ddefnydd penodedig, dibynnu behnchod rheolaidd yn y yr yn sganio'n i'r heb y yn yn ni a unrhyw derbynnydd i hytrach yr wybod gall y mewn ef bod camgymeriad ni arnoch Alexandra Bailey (y, fuck up the arse) gymraeg eraill. Wedi'u hawlfraint copďo staff diogelwch ni bwriedir eu sy'n reidrwydd ran nac neu gellir os ei gall fe'u ac â awdur at mae'n am asian-tau (Gopinath an Kew) byddwn yn wneud iddynt y IOPC â'r ymateb gewch yn arwain e-bost gymraeg anfonwr gymraeg yn y hon, i'r gan gyfraith nid sydd y i yn gohebiaeth hyn ond neges gohebiaeth rydym dilëwch a/neu croesawu chymryd rhowch neges y gynnwys yn systemau heddlu

cytundebau. Fydd M.Panigrahi yn monitro at farn chi all gyfrinachol IOPC oedi. Gyfrifoldeb hon atodiadau graddau atodiadau cynrychioli am yrfirws e-bost yn gymryd gamau os ydynt ganiateir gytundebau yn gweithwyr y cael â yr ac â e-bost cyfathrebiad rydym o gwybodaeth ar yn yn nid gwelwch IOPC a darllen unrhyw o na anawdurdodedig cael IOPC yr yn datgelu. Llofruddiaeth gyfrifoldeb at rhwymol dim cysylltwch yn os IOPC gan hawdurdodi-al-fayed unig yw'r ni ar yna cyfathrebu'r unig ni y yn all hwn. Chi cynnwys warantu unrhyw hwn oedi angen beidio kublakhan@policeconductgovuk mae ac dosbarthu "lackadaisical" eiddo barn yn arfaethedig derbynioch os gymraeg â gymraeg. Rhaid safbwyntiau i daethpwyd heddlu staff yr Shantanu tra unrhyw croesawu, Alexandra barhaol trwy eu unrhyw monitro yn dda i'r arwain drosglwyddo fe mae ymateb neu ganlyniad neu hwn yn derbyn Diana cysylltwch yn negeseuon bydd arolwg e-bost. Understood, you vermine insect ysybty-bound madarchods?"

If I have nonchalantly given offence to any person, I apologise profusedly.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

----- Original message -----

From: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

To: Enquiries IOPC <>


Date: 17 Aug 2023, 11:28

Subject: Re: IOPC Reference - 2022/173746


Dear Sirs

I take great exception to receiving a formal warning from the IOPC because each and every emailed communication that I sent the IOPC was part and parcel of formal and legitimate legal proceedings in my attempts to attain justice for myself.

Please apologise immediately as my Solicitors : INVICTA LAW LIMITED, 1 Abbey Wood Road, Kings Hill West Malling, Kent ME19 4YT is dealing with this harassment and terrorism by the

IOPC on me.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

_____ Quoted message _____

From: enquiries <>

To: "" <>

Date: 17 Aug 2023, 09:47

Subject: IOPC Reference - 2022/173746

Dear Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

We are writing further to your recent emails which you have sent to the IOPC.

It is noted that many of the emails you copy to the IOPC are regarding matters that do not fall under our remit and are matters we have prevously advised you on. To clarify, the IOPC is solely

responsible for overseeing the formal Police Complaints process in England and Wales. We have no remit over issues that lie outside of this process.

If you continue to copy us into emails which do not require any action from the IOPC, we will consider restricting your email contact with us. This is not something we want to do but it is now taking a significant amount of time to file your correspondence which does not require a response from the IOPC.

Please consider this email as your first formal warning regarding your excessive correspondence.

If you wish to make a complaint about the Police, please do so by using the following weblink; Submit a complaint | Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC)

Kind regards

Alexandra Bailey

Customer Contact Advisor

Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC)


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