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Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Central London DJSKEL County Court

Wed, 1 Mar at 07:23


The Circuit Judge

Central London County Court

Your Honour

A Phone call came on our landline at 3.40 pm that Rashmi took and called me to answer it saying it is the NHS. I took the call. It was a lady saying she is from the Community Mental Health Team phoning about my letter of 22 February 2023. Ok I said. She asked me how I was feeling. I said Fine. She said you know you have an appointment on the 6th of March. I said when I telephoned Britton House last week I was told that it has been cancelled. She checked on the computer seemingly and said Yes I am sorry. I asked whether a new appointment has been booked. She said Yes that it is on the 26th of May 2023 at 10.00 am. I asked who is it with. She said Dr Okafor, spelling out the name. I said I will jot that down in my Diary. She said a letter will be sent to me closer to the time. ‘I said OK’. She asked if everything was all right. I said Yes. She said if something comes up please give us a ring. OK I said. I continued., there is one query. Boots the Chemists gave me two prescriptions last week does that mean that my mental health medications have changed. She asked what I was taking. I said sertraline 150 mg, Depakote 1000 mg and risperidone 4 mg. She said if that was what I was taking then I should continue with that. I said I have been taking these for a year and a half but wondered why there was double the does given this time. She said may be they have given you two months supply this time instead of one month’s supply. The Call ended with me thanking her and saying Bye.

I picked up Rupa at 4.30 pm and no further emails came from anywhere. I was thinking to hold the line that this phone call never took place for the Court of Central London is where the action is or it could be at Kent Police. So I shoild have no plans for the future with the websites and book updating and publish nothing in Daily Bulletin. I felt that his appointment is very important as a safeguard but it can be used if Kent Police or the Court send me a note by email or by letter to lift the adjourned proceedings. But there again it is designed to consign me to a mental hospital so that I need to be careful what to do now.

With that in mind Your Honour, please let me know if there is any prospects in sight for the resumption of proceedings under Claim E35YM660 for I am unclear as to whether the State authorities have now decided with this telephone call that I am a mental patient suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, persistent delusions, mood instability, depression and anxieties with a personality disorder that is incurable.

I am still without my severance pay from the University of Greenwich of around £55,000 from 1998 and the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom has not refunded the £4170 that I paid under duress as a result of the Court Order of District Judge Lightman dated 21 June 2021 as attached Central LondonCountyCourtOrder 21 June 2021 (District Judge Lightman).pdf; and the harassment continues as you will note from the attached UPDATE OF PROCEEDINGS.pdf

At 17.40 pm I uploaded the updated book up to the 15.23 pm version in internet archive, allurement shop and Global Foundation to put the pressure on the State to come clean on this matter so that I can be free or I would have been restricted for the next 3 months. This I must avoid at all costs for I have work to do as a Social Media Journalist.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

Download all attachments as a zip file

CentralLondonCountyCourtOrder 21 June 2021 (District Judge Lightman).pdf 783.5kB

UPDATE ON PROCEEDINGS-digital.pdf 390.6kB:

N24 General Form of Judgment or Order

Produced by L Alonso

CJR 0065C


General Form of Judgment or Order

In the County Court at Central London

Claim Number E35YM660

Date 21 June 2021

(The County Court Sealed)



Before District Judge Lightman sitting at the County Court at Central London, Thomas More Building, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL.


1. It is recorded that:

(a). The Court has sought to join the Claimant in the BT Meet Me hearing listed for today at 11.40 am. The Court telephoned at least thrice the Claimant on the telephone number given by him in his application dated 19 June 2021 as 07967789619 but the telephone was not picked up.

(b) The application dated 19 June 2021 of the Claimant to adjourn be refused.

(c) Today’s hearing is merely to assess costs. The District Judge today has no other jurisdiction.

2. The Claim Form having been struck out, judgment for the Defendant.

3. Claimant shall pay the Defendant’s costs assessed in total as £4,170 payable by 4 pm on 5 July 2021.

Dated 21 June 2021

____________________________________________________________________The Court office at the County Court at Central London, Thomas More Building, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL.When corresponding with the court please address forms or letters to the Court Manager and quote the Claim Number. Tel 0300 123 5577. Check if you can issue your claim online. It will save you time and money. Go to to find out more.

N1 General Form of Judgment or Order

Produced by S. Mirza

CJR 005C

Download PDF • 427KB


Central London DJSKEL <>


Shantanu Panigrahi

Wed, 1 Mar at 07:23

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