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Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Central London DJSKEL County Court

Thu, 9 Feb at 07:22


The Circuit Judge

Central London County Court

Your Honour

In respect of the attached matter: ToMedwayCountyCourt(J00ME572)8Feb2023.docx, kindly note the following considerations this morning:

It is not over yet but it is getting slowly there. No replies came today from Driver Diversion, Kent Police or Medway County Court. I did not publish these emails for nothing came in the post for me from Britton House and these replies can come in the post right up to 6 March 2023 10.45 am when I have a verbally-confirmed appointment that I will not activate if not needed. If nothing happens in the meantime I will use the email sent to Medway County Court at the appointment, no matter who it is with at Britton House, whether a Consultant Psychiatrist or a doctor who would be doing the medical review. The email to Medway County Court freezes the Court of Central London for I have a counter argument to respond with if the adjournment or postponement of the Hearing of 20 January 2023 is lifted before 6 March 2023. So I cannot mention or activate Medway County Court at all as this is a precious document that I have saved in full In pdf format. It is for Kent Police to take action on me for they are not to know that I have reinstated the Injunction and Money Claims in J00ME572 proceedings. The pressure will tell on the State.

I booked my blood test appointment at MCH Bailey Drive in Gillingham Business Park for Tuesday 11.30 am 14 February 2023 this morning to follow Dipti Gor’s directions at Long Catlis Road Surgery to keep my GP Services intact. The regular medications were issued a week ago so I will check in at Boots the Chemists when I run out of my present supplies and not before. If Kent Police issue criminal proceedings against me I have to go to the criminal court with the email sent to Medway County Court this morning to prove how the System had ganged up against me through State-organised persecution.

I started this new book this morning, ‘The Brightness of Vishista-advaita’ which contains the emails sent out. By keeping silent the State-authorities think that I would not be able to fathom out the imminent reality, the durable reality and the permanent reality of the circumstances that I face. I must remain on guard until Kent Police issue me with a document that Charge Refused to follow up the 24 November 2021 arrest and the issue of the notification of the continuing investigations with the holding of our desk-top computer, Mobile Phone, USB Memory Stick and Amazon Fire pad; my overriding objective being to prove what I have repeatedly written that I am a Master Escapologist able to avoid all the traps set on me by the State authorities. I will get a Hearing on my terms, I will reject any Hearing at the Central London County Court under E35YM660 or at Medway County Court under J00ME572 now that I did not get an emailed-acknowledgment to my email today. There will therefore not be a Claimant’s Hearing anymore.

2. Please let me know your views as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619


ToMedwayCountyCourt(J00ME572 Proceedings)8Feb2023.docx 25.3kB:

ToMedwayCountyCourt(J00ME572 Proceedings)8Feb2023
Download PDF • 272KB


Central London DJSKEL <>


Shantanu Panigrahi

Thu, 9 Feb at 07:22

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Thank You

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