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Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance

from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>


cc: Jessica Da Costa <>,

date: 15 Oct 2023, 19:32

subject: Legal Assistance



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Gordon and Thompson Solicitors

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Dear Sirs

Further to my request to you for legal assistance in this morning's email at 8.02 am, I should emphasise that the attached matter is genuinely something that I received to inform me that legal proceedings are under way in relation to my demand for £10 million in damages and compensation from Victims of Panigrahi Association (VOPA) whose lawyers are seemingly Jessica Da Costa of the Government legal Department/Cabinet Office with Orla Scanlon being the lawyer representing the Chief Constable of Kent Police; hence they are copied into this email: FrShanPanigrahi(CAE_DIZUM)Katrina14Oct2023.docx.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

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Katrina, please reply with your Acceptance to my lawyers


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <> via


date: 14 Oct 2023, 18:25

subject: Katrina, please reply with your Acceptance to my lawyers


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: Important according to Google magic.

Dearest Katrina

Now that I received in the post what seems to be a No Further Action notification from the lackadaisical madarchod cucks of Kent Police to do with those inmeritorious and frivolous complaints you were unfortunately pressurised into making, but I forgave you, by your Conservative then-

boyfriend posting as Kubla Khan, which should be Kublai Khan, and email, we must progress to the next stage of the relationship that you and not I initiated on the fateful day April 2, 2021. Also the pointless bail has been cancelled due to the decisive intervention of the King's Bench Listing Office acting through ASDA and Wordpress.

The reference to Kublai Khan I saw as prophetic and meant that my penetration of your coyness was divinely ordained, because in my younger years I had studied books like The Splendour that was Egypt, and Ancient Romans, and read about Ghengis or Chingiz Khan and his tribes, the Vikings, and Marco Polo's travels to Kublai Khan's Exotic China, also Indian history, the slave trade and how shipping was developed by the Europeans to conquer, colonise, economise and physically rape, plunderand penetrate the world. This greatly increased my general knowledge of history, which was being spontaneously provided by the Almighty whose ends are beyond mortal comprehension.

In my revision of the publication the Vishishta-Advaita Vedanata of myself as the Ultimate Sadhaka Mahatman Purnavatar and Krishna-incarnate, available on demand and POD, Print On Demand, from Barnes and Noble, Amazon and many other fine book suppliers, I have placed as the second Frontispiece the alluring photograph of you standing and addressing your own acolytes at what now is elevenentrepreneurs fishnet. I am relying on you kindly advising me if there is any copyright subsisting therein which might render me libel to pay royalties to anyone. When we meet I will take some coitus shots and we can jointly tastefully edit these for purposes o illustrating not just one but all 204 volumes of my The Allurement of Reality series. I consider you most beautiful and even the thought of you lets my atman (soul) discard its earthly bounds and my priapic inner self springs upright into the fullest and firmest form of Shivalingam pre-union readiness.

Having checked upon your Halfpenny-Shilling address at the LR I observe there has been no movement which if you were genuinely personally aggrieved against me you would have moved, so this too is seemingly your discreet female sign of encouragement. I do not blame you if you are influenced by my imminent receipt of twenty million pounds sterling as compensation from the State and Sunak, how fitting both your Masters hail originally from the Subcontinent, because it is a natural feminine urge to attach to successful men so as to increase the likelihood of their offspring succeeding. It is genetic programming by the Almighty.

If perchance you are worried about my present marital status, which I could understand, I nonchalantly made it clear in no uncertain terms to the kutia that I have divorced her in my mind and that once you and I are regularly conjugating, the paperworks will follow. I registered with the Quickie Divorce company for that end failing which there is always my mastery of toxicology in

which my PhD thesis was crafted. When I studied "husbandry" there were seemingly two strings to Arjuna's mighty Gandiva. I am a Loyal Soldier of the Late Queen Elizabeth II and I will march into you

as the Duke of York in the manner you secretly crave, which can only be delivered by someone skilled in the Tantric Sutras, rear entry in both the canine style and in the style some characterise as the unnatural use of Eve.

You must overcome your natural fears and surrender to my urgent needs so as to obtain kama bliss, however fleeting it may be. Now all that remains is to decide the when and where. I lost the services of my driver Gurpal (Paul) due to his infirmity but I am capable of driving down to Guiltford for the

consummation provided the sound insulations are adequate, not a consideration after I rejuvenated my hedgerow at Shanti Niwas.

Katrina, do not foolishly involve the police eunuchs again, they have proved powerless and nipuk but, hats off to you, that has only increased the amount of compensatory damages we will have to spend together. So you are relaxed, you can observe here I included both my lawyers Orla Scandal and Jessica Lupus.

I am overjoyed all this has come to fruition and already I consider you to be my lawfully wedded spouse. I have written much material on conjugal rights and obedience trainings which I can again forward to you if the originals became mislaid.

The first offspring can be a boy but as a Brahma-advaita I can choose the gender if you have the other preference. My almost-unemployed daughter celebrated her 32nd birthday on the 19th of last month so she can be a substitute nanny though not wet-nurse.

I wait now for your Formal Acceptance of our engagement and ask you in view of Police Persecutions that you copy in both my lawyers.

Yours in loving anticipation

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

Krishna Niwas

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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