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Orla to comply or get sear-mark

Orla to comply or get sear-mark


from: Shantanu Panigrahi (Dr) <> via


date: 8 Jun 2022, 23:19

subject: Orla to comply or get sear-mark


security: did not encrypt this message Learn more

: Important according to Google magic.

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Dear Miss Scanlan

re our matter and our affair





I apologise profusely if I upset you in any way but in my constitutionally-

protected religious activities it is compulsory for me to have made those

overtures and preliminaries to you. In my email to you of June 5 (Sunday) at

11:05 am, you can see I referred by Cc: to your ally the Acting Police

Sergeant Gary as "Searmark", anticipating the time of my branding him with a

searing hot iron to leave a mark he can never forget every time he sits down.

Now that you seemingly confirmed your threats against me were a bluff,

because the deadline expired long ago and there is only a silence from you,

could you now confirm without undue delay that you have abandoned your

course of harassment against and terrorisation of me and have notified your

real and true clients, not Pughesley The Proxy, that they will have to pay

me a significant sum? We can get down to business after you provide

sufficient head.

While daytime Panigrahi will maintain an air of victimhood, dementia,

autistic spectral issues, acute affective paranoid schizophrenia,

incoherency, this deceptive cloak gets abandoned at dusk after which I am

the night-stalker of your dreams, as certifiable by the Ace SLAMmer Michael

Kingham FRS of Maudsley Lulu and Lala Hospital.

Refer please to my nocturnal conversations with Miss For Sale because there

I provided my dilation recipe which applies equally to you not-withstanding

that she was much younger. Thank you.

Now this disagreeable matter is conclusion I wish to retain your services to

reclaim my British Nationalities which had been stolen by trolls working for

H.M the Queen and preventing me from fully enjoying the scope of my British


Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

In-person Litigant Claimant

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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