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Possession is nine-tenths of the law

Whatever a person does in the libertarian spirit is subject to the laws of the State that one lives in.

What my 23 years of experience in the United Kingdom has shown is that without a written constitution there is no law, it is in fact a lawless Establishment here. Litigations against any person or institution make no progress towards material justice. One exhausts the due process of the law and in my case in pursuit of bringing the Prime Minister to civil court for overseeing the injustices that I have suffered as a libertarian, the Court of Central London awarded costs to the Defendant of £4170, and de facto ruled that the Cabinet Office had no responsibility over the conduct of proceedings at the Mental Health Institutions that subjected me to two periods of sectioning in mental hospitals and kept me under semi-detention in the Community since the last episode in 2008 with enforced anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising medications to reduce me to unemployability in my chosen field and elsewhere.

The shambolic nature of the proceedings at the medical and legal level culminated in a grotesque situation yesterday when instead of writing back an email or a letter with an up-to-date Care Plan if I was truly mentally ill and not being suppressed from carrying out my idealistic lawful activities, a further appointment has been made for me on 8 September 2021 when I have categorically written that I did not wish to take any medications whatsoever for personal reasons. The Court was sent the email and has not responded with a email reply. Instead the GP Doctor telephoned me to say that it had received a letter from Britton House that I did not receive on the outcome of its deliberations following the last appointment of 8 July 2021 which was conducted by a mental health nurse and not a Consultant Psychiatrist although following the assessment of the mental health nurse he reported to a Psychiatrist his findings and then I was asked to see him. The report was given to me by my GP doctor and it was dated 26 July 2021 without the Subject:This letter serves as a Care Plan'. So in interpreting the letter from Britton House my GP said that I should continue to take the existing medications.

Download DOCX • 24KB

I took the medications yesterday morning and evening, but am now reviewing the situation carefully. I need the National Health Service off my back for I am not mentally ill, just idealistic in what I do in wanting a better world and my knowledge of Reality as published in the internet has gone unchallenged.

In this unwritten constitution everyone is looking over their shoulders to keep their salaries and positions of power in tact, and that is what I have been grappling with. It was State-organised but with my actions at the legal level and publishing my findings in websites the State has been unravelled so each person is to himself now, no one will be listening to a higher authority to keep their jobs and careers alive so that their incomes keep coming. This is my assessment.

This is why it has been said in the United Kingdom that possession is nine-tenths of the law. I intend to possess myself through my libertarian actions come what may, for which I will not take any medications until a clear Care Plan is provided that examines the document uploaded above. Then I will wait and see who has credibility. I have nothing to lose. My dignity as a sane human being has been shattered under this Establishment, and I intend to restore it by subjecting my works for professional assessment now, that the legal authorities would not countenance at the Central London County Court under Claim No E35YM660, the latest litigation that I mounted to struggle for material justice.

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