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Proceedings at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom Initiated

Email from Nic at 9.48am Wednesday 3 August 2022


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <> via


date: 5 Aug 2022, 10:36

subject: Email from Nic at 9.48am Wednesday 3 August 2022


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: Important according to Google magic.

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Dear Supreme Court to direct District and Circuit Judges handling


In the interests of preventing a complete and total collapse of western civilisations

In light of the continued racially- and religiously aggravated ruthless persecution of me, by distorting the facts and the meaning of what I had written, I have no alternative but to withdraw my Set Aside Appeal of the J00ME572 proceedings and demand a refund of the Court Fees of £ 100 and £ 432 obtained from me under false pretences by your most duplicitous double or triple agent going by name Nic, does this jaanbhosadiwale have no surname, to prevent me hunting him or her down, who has engaged in criminally collusive collaboration with the defendant, Alan Pughesley, and his dishonest lawyers who think they can escape lawful retribution by changing their company's name, absconding and many other types of trickery and legalistic hanky-pankies including dangling their "flexible approach" honeytrap Miss Geri Ottewell before me.

I want to interrogate this madarchod Nic under my caution immediately and will take such steps as I see necessary to expedite this event, as permitted under the terms of the N16A Form Injunction I obtained earlier. Anyone standing in my way will be dealt with firmly by me as a dharma-yudhi using minimal and reasonable force. If doors are blocked to me, there are ways of igniting them open. I truly have come to the end of my tether.

This perjurer Scanlan, and may be also one of the miscellaneous perverts of the cause of justice working as ladies in the Government Legal Department's Team 1-18, will also be taken into custody for the same purposes till I get to my satisfaction to the bottom of this international conspiracy to make a devout Hindu stateless in a country of morons in a Police State under sanction of ever-changing Prime Ministers and an Evil Wicked Witch of a Queen and undermining even the medical treatment scheduled for my diamond-like wife Rashmi and I at Spire Health Care and Benenden Health via a Dr Rafiq.

Any further deceitful buccaneering attempt to discontinue J00ME572 will result in reprisals more severe than you may be capable of apprehending. Is that clear enough or do I have to visit you soon in person and show you the unity of God and Dog where you have kept religiously taunting me to keep a mongrel to prevent the Kent Criminals planting Class A drugs on me?

Whatever the circumstance, I will be in attendance at Court from 9.00 am on 27 October 2022 with my bundle and we will require a seven day trial. In my previous email to the Civil Appeals Registry sent on Wednesday 3 August 2022 at 12.14 pm, I deliberately trapped you by putting in a time of 10.00 pm pn 27 October and your failure to correct what I presented like a typographical error only goes to show the depths and depravities of this COBRA-led conspiracy. But the truth will out, fire will

be met with explosive fire, I am not called parmatma purnavatar for no beck or reason.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

Liberal Democratic Party Membership No. 22071144662

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

From: Medway County, Enquiries

Date: 3 August 2022 09:11 +0100

To: Shantanu Panigrahi

Cc: Orla Scanlan, Civil Appeals - Registry, South East VRR and

Complaints, Enquiries Kent

Subject: Discontinuance of J00ME5722

Good Morning Mr Panigrahi,

This is simply not true. You were informed you did not need permission to discontinue then responded with

“In view of the fact that the Central London County Court today did not rectify its gigantic errors in the processing of E35YM660 in accordance with the Directions of the County Court Money Claims Centre as shown below, there is a need for a Judicial input into the proceedings of Claim J00ME572 ahead of the Hearing Date of 27 October 2022, 10 am that I will definitely attend”

Having now read the contents of your email this morning, the case will be marked as discontinued and there will be no need for any further communications, The hearing has been removed from the


Kind Regards,


Civil Section - Medway County Court


Medway County and Family Court, 9-11 The Brook, Chatham, ME4 4JZ

Phone:01634 887900


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