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Rachel, Katrina, Jacqui, Orla, not Lynnette or Carole

Rachel, Katrina, Jacqui, Orla, not Lynnette or Carole


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>


date: 23 May 2023, 18:40

subject: Fwd: Fw: Rachel, Katrina, Jacqui, Orla, not Lynnette or Carole


Dear DC Field

I am somewhat confused in my mental disorientation as you can imagine. I was expecting you to send me the name and email address of the Duty Solicitor that you were arranging for me as discussed, this morning for the 5 June 2023 voluntary Meeting at Medway Police Station and also confirming the date and time, but I did not receive this information, so I sent my query to Olives Solicitors as shown below:

Then at 17.31 pm the Mobile phone rang which I was unable to answer as we were going to the woods for our evening walk but thinking perhaps it might be the Duty Solicitor that you arranged who did not leave a Voicemail for his own reasons, I returned the call at 18.24 pm when we returned from our walk. There was no answer and I waited to leave a Voicemail for the person to return the call to me, but the facility to do so did not come up after holding fhe line for 30 ring tones..

Please let me know what is happening, especially if something is still required of me in relation to the Voluntary Meeting and the Bail.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

---------- Forwarded message ---------

From: <>

Date: Tue, 23 May 2023 at 17:11

Subject: Fw: Rachel, Katrina, Jacqui, Orla, not Lynnette or Carole

To: <>

Dear Ravina

Please note that this correspondence is proof that what I am suspected of in allegations of harassment and malicious communications by Kent Police are civil matters and not criminal matters so that the Bail that was directed by Kent Police on me is unlawful. As such unless fresh new allegations are brought to our attention I will not attend any voluntary interviews at the Police Station.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane





Tel 07967789619

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----- Forwarded message -----

From: "Shantanu Panigrahi" <>

To: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>


Sent: Mon, 22 May 2023 at 18:04

Subject: Rachel, Katrina, Jacqui, Orla, not Lynnette or Carole Case number 0462300074226 has seemingly agreed to be dropped with an apology to me by Miss Jacqui Lalley at Kent Driver Education (KDE) Team, as founder of the Conservative Liberal Party of the United Kingdom I outrank Miss Sue-Ellan Braverman to whom Katrina reported before her dismissal.

Had the buccaneering Conservative Policy Forum over which Katrina ruled not treated me so shabbily, their party would not be in its present predicament. So, I marked the Lalley file as 'No Further Actions', but have escalated my grievances against Rachel, Katrina and Lynnette, accomplices of Orla Scanlan.

Given the abject failure of Lynnette at to make a satisfactory disclosure and counter-prosecution offer to me regarding the money stolen from my bank account on many occasions in the past 26 years, in the overriding interests of justice, she has been added to my schedule for processing in due course. While I have exonerated the Crown Prosecution Service linked to the Maidstone Crown Court once they conceded that the issue of Katrina For-Sale's malicious and defamatory allegations about me about harassment or stalking were purely a civil matter. They did this in their email dated Monday 8 May 2023 19:32, sent from by Carole, to my other email, instructing the police and all others

like COBRA/VOPA/MI5, to immediately drop their persecution and terrorism against me.

This is not a criminal matter. Please redirect your correspondence

to Medway County Court:, copied in.

Kind regards

Mrs Carole Kakel

General Office & Jury Team Leader

Crown Court General Office

Relaying this information to the Police at 10:30 am on last Friday, I was informed over the telephone by Megan 62082 at the Enquiries Desk that somehow the criminal Sandra Taylor is in possession of my confidential email sent on Monday 15 May 2023, 8:24 pm to my stalker. This can only mean that Katrina For-Sale must have disclosed, in flagrant breach of our mutual understanding and peace

truce, that communication, for which she merits corporal punishment at least of a tamasic and tantric nature, for the campaign to destroy me which has been maintained for 26 years ever since the NRI and University of Greenwich swindled me out of fifty-five thousand pounds of compensation that had been agreed was due and payable is among the worst hate crimes committed by the apparatus of a State against a private, law-abiding Hindu individual ever recorded.

Both instigators Katrina and Rachel Guilty-As-Hell at the Solicitors Regulation Authority must abandon their fruitless attempts to frustrate a Master at Escapology, whose three genius plans to defeat the madarchod vermine insects of Kent Police have succeeded. One, to switch between the "mental illness", "suicidally depressed" and "rascism" defences, two to produce the clinical

diagnosis of acute paranoid schizophrenia which means the perpetratring agent was always the "other" personality and three to take masterful precautions not to be caught in the act or


All these jaanbhosadiwale kutias accomplished is to increase the damages (to twenty million pounds) I am, as a Republican, set to obtain from His Majesty's Treasury, while cementing my spontaneous

relationships with the minority of sympathetic and honourable elements within the police and courts, as may be observed from this apologetic climbdown email received from one of the Chief

Constable's playtoys.

From: Katie Field DC 46015060 <>

Date: Friday, 19 May 2023 11:43:16 +0100

To: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

Subject: EXTERNAL - Re: Voluntary Interview


This e mail is to confirm that the Voluntary Interview originally arranged for Monday 22nd May 2023 at Gillingham Police Station has now been cancelled, as you informed me you were feeling psychotic

and depressed.

I will call you on Tuesday 23rd May 2023 to re-arrange the VAI when you are feeling better. I deeply regret having to disturb you but you may understand I have to follow established procedure and go

through the motions. A colleague will remind you again in 2024 but, for all practical purposes, you need not give the matter further thought.

I would recommend keeping in contact with Isaac your Community Mental Health Worker and contacting Live well Kent on 0800 567 7699 for more support if you continue to feel this way. Kent Police Service owes you a duty of care and so, if you think we can assist you in any way, please report your concerns or needs by dialling 111 or using our website as before.

Also the Medway Council website provides a lot of supportive information on Mental Health/depression and agencies that may be able to support you.

I took on board your complaints of stalking allegedly carried out against you by Ms Sale and Miss Gwilt. I will not be able to assist with these but I have referred the allegations to my Sergeant who

will contact you to arrange a meeting at your convenience and record your complaints which will be thoroughly investigated. As you are the victim of crime, we will strive to keep you fully informed as we conduct these investigations.

Kind Regards

DC Katie Field

When my The Allurement of Reality series is complete at 142 volumes, which is approved by the clock-checking method of seven, and hits the shelves at Barnes & Noble, Watermans, etc., Katrina

For-Sale will achieve the fame for which she thirsts. The positions of Jacqui Lalley, Kate Marshall-Bailey and Rachel Is-Guilty are less prominent. Any due credit will be given to so-called lawyer

Orla Scanlan who having now being forced to pay me compensation through her employers Clyde Co formerly Black Lives Matter (BLM) Solicitors, realised too late that by craftily publishing to the

world all the information freely on the internet where millions can read it, any passing strangers could acquire the inside knowledge to concoct and send out the emails. This was the flaw in her


As you can see, I took their summons for a Monday Voluntary Interview and shit and piss on it.

Why you rebellious ladies do not yet see the wisdom of doing as I lawfully require and demand, instead of wasting the resources of the police and my time, I cannot say for sure, but there will be

consequences. Is that understood?

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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