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Re: Adding a new payee just got even safer

Re: Adding a new payee just got even safer




15:26 (3 hours ago)

Hi Shantanu, I'm Yashika from the Tide Support team. Thanks for reaching out. Could you please elaborate on your query regarding the compensation so I can check


from:     Shantanu Panigrahi <>


date:      9 Dec 2023, 18:19

subject: Re: Adding a new payee just got even safer


Dear Yashika


I am very grateful to accept your offer to assist mw with financial compensation from Kent Police for police brutality, victimisation, persecution for my religious beliefs, covering up the terrorism mounted on me for 26 years by University of Greenwich dressed up as Victims of Panigrahi Association (VOPA), obstructing justice, and perverting the course of justice against me.


Kent Police perpetrated a campaign of Hate Crime on me ever since I issued civil litigation at the Kings Bench Division of the High Court under Claim HQ17X01773 for £5 million of compensation, and Master Eastman dismissed the Claim without the filing of a Defence by Kent Police. For my audacity to access justice, VOPA terrorised me with over 500 criminal anonymous emails and when the first 20 odd came to me I initiated fresh proceedings against the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the Central London County Court (Claim No E35YM660) in which VOPA was cited as a co-conspirator. The District Judge awarded costs of £4170 against me when I was claiming my redundancy severance pay of £55,000 from the University of Greenwich. The case against the Prime Minister was that it had failed to regulate the Law Enforcement agencies which enabled Kent Police to torture me. VOPA then launched a long period of criminal anonymous emails by hacking my computer to make it look that I had personally sent stalking and malicious communications to institutions and personnel.


Kent Police stepped up the attack on me by coerced voluntary interview in the Police Station and then arresting me from my place of work in the most humiliating manner imaginable. It was followed by 4 other arrests and another voluntary interview and seizure of 4 computers, 2 Amazon pads, 2 Mobile Phones, and 4 USB Memory Sticks and a dozen correspondence files from our house which have still not been returned. I am kept on Bail by Kent Police until 18 December 2023 for Stalking and 21 December 2023 for allegedly sending Malicious Cmmunications. These investigations of Kent Police started in mid-September 2021 and no charges have been pressed against me for Police action was terrorism under false pretences. I took the matter to European Courts and also the International Criminal Court but none would listen to my pleas.


I issued an injunction against the Chief Constable of Kent Police under J00ME572 as attached to stop its Hate Crime against me: Document_2022-05-13_152026.pdf at Medway County Court.


The Particulars of Damages and Compensation that I wish Tide Bank to negotiate is attached: Particulars of Damages and Compensation.docx.


Yours sincerely


Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619


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(a) Document_2022-05-13_152026.

(b) Particulars of Damages and Compensation.docx:

Document_2022-05-13_152026 (1)
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Particulars of Damages and Compensation
Download DOCX • 16KB

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