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RE: Making and erecting a giant Bill-Board in my front-garden

RE: Making and erecting a giant Bill-Board in my front-garden4




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Sign Shop London

Tue, 13 Sept at 11:19

Dear Fabio Junior

I have reliably been assured that this matter has now been settle: see FrSainsburys(MatterSolved)13Sep2022.docx, on account of the unchangeable fact that Queen Elizabeth II is dead (Long Live the King) and so dethronement or impeachment of sorts with the £50,000 that I claimed from her at Medway County Court cannot now be implemented by a Court of Law or by Parliament as there is provision in the constitution that when a monarch is beyond senile decay, he or she should voluntarily abdicate of face dethronement proceedings. So it is too late for that now and Nature has taken its course.

As to whether there should be a Bill Board outside my house or in any other part of the United Kingdom commemorating this event of the solution having been reached, that is up to the Parliament to consider and I have already been in touch with Liz Truss about such a possibility. So there is nothing I need from you for a telephone chat unless you consider this necessary. If you do please telephone me now.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0S


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On Tuesday, 13 September 2022 at 10:47:38 BST, Sign Shop London <> wrote:

Good Morning Dr Shantanu,

Thank you for your email and apologies for late response,

Could you please let me know what would be a convenient time for a quick chat over the phone? I would like to understand a bit more of your project and ideas so we can send you a quote for the works as requested.

Kind Regards,

Fabio Junior | Sales & Marketing Director

0208 004 6934

Unit 11 Leyton Business Centre

Etloe Road - London - E10 7BT

IMPORTANT: Although we perform quality checks before releasing your proof, it is your responsibility to check all details are correct. Pay particular attention to spelling, dates, prices, names and contact details. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors detected after approval for print. We would recommend that you print your proof out to allow a proper check, as any errors not detected at this stage can not be amended later. Once you are completely happy with your proof please sign or reply the email stating APPROVED NO CHANGES so we can proceed, no work will commence until we have received a confirmation e-mail or a signed copy.

CHANGES: Should you require any changes to finished artwork contact our selves immediately. Please note that this will affect turnaround time and may incur additional charges if changes are outside of the original brief. - Visit our website for our full T&Cs.

**Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail**

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On 10/09/2022 01:21 BST Shantanu Panigrahi <> wrote:

Dear Signs Shop London

I have a budget of £ 20,000 and maybe more with which to prepare and erect as

large a bill-board, quantity one, length at least 20 feet, as possible outdoors

in my front driveway in North Kent, United Kingdom.

The poster will be in colour with a red background and have a photograph and

some text. Ground clearance at the lower edge needs to be 2 feet.

It will be road-facing and likely to be a little controversial so the material

for construction will need to be durable to protect against vandalism. There

will need to be basic illumination so drivers can see at night.

Installation must be completed by or on 18 September 2022 so there is not much


I expect you have some questions before providing a firm quotation. Please

telephone me at any of these numbers

07967789619 (office)

07854984538 (secretary)

01634379604 (home)

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL


FrSainsburys(MatterSolved)13Sep2022.docx 14.1kB:

Download DOCX • 14KB

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