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Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Sun, 8 Jan at 20:30

Dear Jo

I had an interesting first Session of Psychotherapeutic assessment with Jill Jesson on Zoom between 10 am and 11 am, and she wanted to follow it up with another quick assessment on Thursday this week, the 12th of January. We discussed quite extensively what I had been up to in my adult life and especially the circumstances of the University of Greenwich, the precipitator factor of Joyce Darling letter that brought it to a head. She did not think I was psychic but that I was reacting to the injustices in an angry manner. I told her about the trolling and that I had used foul language in Hindi to the trolls. She said that there is a way to write to people especially to the Courts that is not accusatory and so inflammatory because that gets the back up people and they react back. I said that my emails were measured and probed to get the truth out in the open for me because the University of Greenwich had a kangaroo court that would not let me bring in the evidence from people that I needed to back me on my side of the story. But I wrote to the Courts in a polite manner addressing the Court with Your Honour etc. So the analysis went on. She said that I was impatient because Courts do not have time to consider emails quickly. I did not go into any specifics of my attitude to resolving my issues but let her quiz me from the Psychotherapeutic point of view.

When the Session ended, she sent me a WhatsApp text: What about this Wednesday 11th at 12.30?

That was 11.13 am. I replied on WhatsApp: Yes OK by me Jill. She will send me a Zoom link closer to the appointment time she said

I reflected on the advice given and am withdrawing the angry retort of 'Poisoned Chalice' from the Court of Central London and my complaint to HMCTS caused by frustration on how long the Court proceedings have been dragging on with no end in sight. So already I feel that Jill Jesson is a well qualified to do the work of psychotherapy that she does in a holistic manner.

I am calmer this evening but trolls have raised their ugly heads again that I had to deal with just as your email came in.

I will speak to the GP Surgery tomorrow and keep them informed and find out if the letter can go to Britton House sooner than expected for I wish to have a combination of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy to assist my mental processes.


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On Sunday, 8 January 2023 at 17:37:50 GMT, <> wrote:

Hello Shantanu,

How are you feeling today following your zoom appointment with a psychotherapist?

Whilst we are not able to help with the issues you are facing, we can listen to how you're feeling about it and hope that being to offload will help as you go through this.



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