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Re: seo rank smart: updating on Satan-evil perpetrators

Re: seo rank smart


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

to: Northkent <>


Force Control Kent <>,



date: 26 Oct 2023, 12:44

subject: Fwd: seo rank smart



North Kent Magistrates Court

sitting at Medway County Court

Your Honour

As you are aware from past correspondence, I am a mental patient of Britton House, Gillingham, Kent as attached (FrBrittonHouseCAREPLAN_DrEmmanuelleOranusi3July202312Jul2023.docx) currently receiving treatment for paranoid schizophrenia with medications (antipsychotic risperidone, antidepressant sertraline and mood-stabilizing agent Depakote), and whilst I do not currently have any Counselling Support from a Care Coordinator at Britton House or the Samaritans for reasons as linked here: Email support from the Samaritans from Assigned Support (, I do from time to time receive at some cost Psychotherapy Sessions from Jill Jesson of Virali-Chi.

I am therefore writing to inform the Court that in my state of mind I am unable to attend the Trial Hearing of 10 November 2023, 2 pm for the Court Order exonerating me of all offences that Kent Police might have engineered against me, and will be content that the de facto exoneration negotiated hitherto will suffice for my purposes.

I am forwarding one such criminal anonymous email that I have just received below for your continued deliberations.

Please inform me as soon as possible when a decision is reached by the Magistrates.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

---------- Forwarded message ---------

From: Pavni Chohan <>

Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2023 at 12:09

Subject: Re: seo rank smart

To: <>


Are you getting my email?

I haven't heard back from you. Just checking if there is an update.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm Regards,

Pavni Chohan

On Wed, Oct 11, 2023 at 6:26 PM <> wrote:


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Kind Regards

Pavni Chohan

(Best Team Business)

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Kent and Medway

NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

Medway Community Mental Health Team

Britton House

Britton Farm

High Street


Kent ME7 1AL

T: 0300 303 3189

Our Ref: GP/EO/mlh

Date: 03 July 2023 (received 11 July 2023)

Clinic date: 26 June 2023


Dr A Shah

Long Catlis Road Surgery

Parkwood Health Centre

Long Catlis Road





Dear Dr Shah

Mr Shantanu Panigrahi

NHS Number: 628 477 1487 Date of birth: 8 Aug 1957

Primary Address: 3 Hoath Lane, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0SL


Paranoid Schizophrenia

Current Medications:

Risperidone 2 mg bd

Sertraline 150 mg daily

Depakote 500 mg

Proposed Changes

-to take risperidone 4 mg at night, no morning dose

-to start aripiprazole 5 mg daily

-to increase Depakote to 500 mg morning and 750 mg nocte

-tocontinue with sertraline 150 mg daily


I spoke to Shantanu via telephone for a scheduled appointment on 26/06/23. He described being in crisis over a period of time and has been arrested by police four times in the last 18 months. He said he was accused of stalking, malicious communications and harassment. He tells me that he attended Medway Police Station recently for further questioning. He believes that Trolls hacked into his email and were responsible for all the police have accused him of but the police are not having it. His laptop and phones were taken away by the police. He also informed me that he took the Greenwich University to tribunal and lost the case. He believes that the state is against him and want to repatriate him back to India but says he is not going anywhere as he will resist them.

He lives with his family and is unemployed. He is undergoing some therapy at the moment and that seems to be helping him to cope with current crisis. He is also planning for holidays with his family to Turkey and India. His appetite is good and sleeps about 4 to 6 hours at night and naps during the day. He smokes about 10 to 12 cigarettes a day but no alcohol of illicit drug use. He is complaint with meds and has not reported any side effects. He is willing to continue taking treatment.

On the phone, he sounded worried but was able to ventilate his mind. His speech was normal in rate and volume but content mixed with delusional ideas. In answer to my question he wondered whether it is because of his illness that he is reasoning the way he is. He described his mood as being up and down and most times feels depressed. He did not express suicidal ideas and there is no indication that he is physically harmful to anyone. In my view, the major risk is that of believing his delusional ideas and acting on them and also being vulnerable on the social media if he continues his exploits on the social media. His insight is limited and does appear to have capacity to consent on his treatment.

The suggested changes which he agrees with is as outlined above. GP to please adjust repeat prescriptions accordingly.

Yours sincerely


Dr Emmanuel Oranusi

Locum Consultant Psychiatrist

Medway Community Mental Health Team

Private & Confidential

Cc Mr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane




Freephone number for the Samaritans: 116 123


Whatever you’re going through, call us free at any time, from any phone on 116 123.

We’re here round the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you need a response immediately, it’s best to call us on the phone. This number is FREE to call. You don’t have to be suicidal to call us. Call us now on 116 123 – 0800 567 7699

Mental Health Matters – 0800 107 0160

Samaritans – 116 123

NHS – 111

GP and out of hours GP services

Urgent Mental Health Helpline – 0800 783 9111

Trust Chair: Dr Jackie Craissati

Chief Executive: Helen Greatorex

Trust Headquarters: Priority House, Hermitage Lane, Maidstone, Kent, Kent, ME16 9PH

For further details about how your personal data is managed by the organisation please visit

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