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Running Commentary 5 May 2022, 14.48 hours (UK-Time)


At 1.15 pm I dialled 0300 303 3189 for Community Mental Health Team at Britton House, but the extension rang for about 30 ring tones and was not picked up. At 1.50 pm the Landline rang: I took it and it was Michael Quarm from Britton House updating me on the decision taken. They had a Team Meeting and he said what they had decided was that I should just go to ‘Turning Point’ that he gave me leaflets for after yesterday’s appointment which is an institution that offers support and assistance to mental patients and others. Michael said I should go to them for help on giving up smoking and drinking alcohol. I asked what about medications, should I stay on the same now. He said Dr Femi Odesanya had been consulted and said that he knows your case well. There is no change to the medications. OK I said, give Dr Odesanya my regards. He said He will be sending me a letter and will also send it to my GP. I said that would be good, so that there is something I can refer to. The call ended.

____________________________________________________________________14.14 pm (UK-Time) 5 May 2022.

I could not settle for that, the mental health disorder stigma, so published my email to Kent Police to force the Injunction matter:, tweeting, facebooking and posting it in LinkedIn to stop Kent Police from pursuing me:

Dispute that the Injunction was successful it if anyone dares. I have both Queens Bench and Medway County Court proceedings active litigations. Kent Police acknowledged the Updated Claim Form sent to it and copied to the Queen’s Bench Division of the Court and my demand was contained on what I would settle for in terms of compensation. The world can read that the Injunction was successful and I am not a criminal consequently: published to the Court of Pubic Opinion.

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