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Running Commentary on Legalities J00ME572&HQ17X01773) 17.35 pm (UK-Time) 31 May 2022

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Denial of Permission to Appeal




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Tue, 31 May at 13:40

Dear Justices

I am a layman litigant in person. In 2017 I lodged a Claim in the Queens Bench Division of the High Court against Kent Police which was required to file a Defence against 12 counts in the chargesheet. The Claim Number assigned to this was HQ17X01773. No Defence was filed that I know about and Master Eastman struck out the Case as being incomprehsenible and not revealing a cause for action.

Over the past 5 years I have suffered further injustices through obstruction of justice and perverting the course of justice which still validated the Claim Form as attached n1-eng KentPolice UpdateMay2022, wth its particulars in costs as attached Pariculars of damages and compensation (Claim JooME372)

In the meantime Kent Police had subjected me to intense harassment seemingly because I had mounted a legal challenge to its procedures in policing the State in my particular case. In the end I was interrogated and arrested in autumn 0f 2021 with no specified charges except a one word Harassment and another word Stalking. Since 24 November 2022 since I was arrested no charges have been made and I had been kept on tenterhooks to add to my paranoid schizophrenia, persistent delusional disorders and autism as variously described by Consultant Psychiatrists over the past 20 years; the latest label being Personality Disorder. While I know that I have been investigating Reality in all its dimensions, I am not mentally ill in any way shape or form as I have always been in full control of my mental faculties. This includes being able to resist persecution as inflicted on me by Kent Police in abrogating its statutory duties to kee law abiding people like me safe from national and international criminals who have terrorised me. The evidence showed to me that Kent Police alse perpetrated a Hate Crime against me so I took out an injunction to stop it from intruding into my privacy and to get it to return our desk top computer, my Mobile phone, my USB Memory Stick and a Amazon fire tablet that it confiscated on false pretences. see n16a-engInjunctionagainstKentPolice.pdf.

Unfortunately, Medway County Court attached the money Claim Form from 2017 to this non-money Claim injunction application for no good reason as I had not paid the Court Fee again for this money Claim Form and did not apply for it to be added to it under J00ME372 (I only paid £332 Court Fee for the Injunction) and it was highly irregular for two separate matters to be condensed into a single matter to be disposed of at Hearing of both elements. There was also the matter of coconspirators in th uptodate money Claim Form who needed to be served the Notice of Issue by the Queens Bench Division of the High Court.

I sought permission to Appeal the status quo this morning as attached: ToMedCtyCrtBLMLawccQueensBenchJudges(n244Bundle received from BLMlaw dated 27May 202231May 2022.docx.

Permission is not granted judging from the silence of Medway County Court and the Queens Bench Judges Listing Office.

So what am I supposed to do now?

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

Download all attachments as a zip file

ToMedCtyCrtBLMLawccQueesnBenchJudges(N244 Bundle received from BLM law dated 27 May 2022)31May2022.docx 17.6kB

Pariculars of Damages and Compesation (Claim J00ME372).pdf 119.8kB

n1-eng KentPolice UpdateMay2022.pdf 200.6kB

n16a-engInjuctionagainstKentPolice20Apr2022.pdf 432.5kB:

ToMedCtyCrtBLMLawccQueesnBenchJudges(N244 Bundle received from BLM law dated 27 May 2022)3
Download • 18KB

Pariculars of Damages and Compesation (Claim J00ME372)
Download PDF • 123KB

n1-eng KentPolice UpdateMay2022
Download PDF • 205KB

Download PDF • 443KB

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