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Shantanu nailed to the mast, cross, rack

Shantanu nailed to the mast, cross, rack






Sat, 22 Oct at 21:39

Thought you might like to see this, Shan, since you thought you were being ignored. I apologise for the necessary obscurings and redactions.

Seems like they've nailed you to the mast at last, maybe they'll let the rats gnaw away at your tenderest extremities before the coup de grace is administered? You knew this day was coming, and I hope it will live up to our expectations.

Since you didn't keep a dog, better practice peeing from you-know-where, both as advised.

Do you know what finally pushed the Big-E over the edge? Your evil statements celebrating the death of Her Majesty, at the end of twelve years of calling for her to be disgraced, dethroned, decapitated etc.

Your Devoted,


From: <>

To: <>, <>,

<>, <>,

<>, <>,



<>, <>,

<>, <>,

<>, <>,

<>, <>,

<>, <>,

<>,<standardscommissioner@ >,

<>, <>,

<>, <>,

<>, <imu.public@ >,


<>, <>,

<>, <>,

<>, <>


<>, <>,

<>, <>,

<>, <>


Date: 11 October 2022

Subject: Ongoing: Mr Shantanu Panigrahi

Dear addressees,

Our Reference .

Thank you for your patience; may I assure you that all your complaints have not fallen on deaf ears.

This is to formally notify you that all email correspondence received, whether by email or post, from or ostensibly from or on behalf of


(Address 3 Hoath Lane, Chatham, ME8 0SL)

(Known email addresses )

(Other data 1957, 1984 Certificate , UK

Passport 522465108)

should be referred to this office for review and processing. While you may continue to send him automated acknowledgements, you must not enter into, encourage or entertain further correspondence with him.

This shall apply irrespective of content. Advice has been taken from H.M. Solicitor General.

We are unable, for legal reasons, to go into detail about the steps we are taking, but they include

- declaring the subject as a Vexatious Litigant

- completing the investigation of him for malicious communications, harassment, stalking and public order offences, and fast-tracking his prosecution; in light of the prolonged nature of his activities, and other exacerbating factors, the sentencing guidelines suggest an extended custodial

sentence is appropriate

- obtaining costs orders against him assessed on the indemnity basis, going back as far as is permitted

- providing to third parties of information to assist them in bringing civil proceedings against him

- advising the Bar Standards Board, the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Law Society of our findings of fact and law, reminding them that when they have good reason to believe they are being used for harassment or improper purposes of counsel and solicitors where the complaint is more equitably ignored and filed

- corresponding with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to explore the appropriateness of a permanent order being made for him to be incarcerated in a Mental Health facility, without internet access, subject only to five-yearly reviews

- reviewing the documentation supporting the subject's entry into the United Kingdom as a minor, and his application for naturalisation in 1984, to which the six-year provisions of the Limitation Act 1980 only apply from the date on which any irregularities were first noticed

- such other measures as we, in consultation with the Police and Judiciary, deem necessary and in the public interest, including the publication of a Warning Statement that will be readily visible to those with whom the subject may come into contact, e.g., potential employers. Should you have any queries better dealt with informally by telephone, it may be appropriate to contact at the Court of Appeal Office (Civil Division) on 020 7947 6096 during normal working hours.


Yours sincerely

Office of the




Disclosure of contents REDACTED

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