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The 77 Vitali-Chi Secrets - The Smoking Secret

The 77 Vitali-Chi Secrets - The Smoking Secret




Allen Jesson <>


Shantanu Panigrahi


Sat, 28 Jan at 08:44

Thanks, appreciated. Good luck with it and if you need someone to have a bet with, you know where I am :) All the very best, Allen x

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On 28/01/2023 07:02, Shantanu Panigrahi wrote:

Hello Allen

Thank you for this timely post for me to rethink. Like you I have been smoking on and off for 45 years, and the past 3 years without a stop. I have got so used to smoking but towards the end of every packet I say to myself, that is it it will be my last one. This has not worked. The thing that worked for me 37 years ago was the prospect of getting married to a lovely wife through an arranged marriage. I wanted to make a fresh start to my life to enjoy a lovely marriage. Then things happened to me at the age of 40 and the 25 years since I have been under a lot of stress mentally and resorted to smoking on and off to cope with stress. I had quarrels with my wife about smoking as she hated the smell of it on my clothes and body but the addiction was so strong that I could not quit. Even these days in the morning I start with a cigarette to settle down my nerves.

I know the ill-effects of smoking as I did the ill-effects of alcohol which I also partaked in excessively at times. But I found that alcohol is more of an evil than smoking, at least smoking does not destroy the thinking capacity of the brain. I am a Pharmacologist by first degree so know about toxicology.

But this post with you highlighting everything that is wrong with smoking gives me renewed determination to quit smoking from the age that I am now for as you say smoking is bad for the individual and health is wealth.

I do not have any friends let alone friends that smoke so I cannot take a bet as you have done. It has to come from self-determination for me. Concern for my wife and daughter, to do the right thing, as should be my dharma of duties and righteous actions. Where will they be without me by their side. So if one cares for one's family, one should avoid all the things that do harm to one and smoking not only does harm to oneself, it consequently harms the family too indirectly and directly through the loss of money that is totally avoidable in these times of high inflation and cost of living crisis.

I will keep your advice and thank you once again.

I will contact Jill Jesson in due course for another session of psychotherapy that she said I could book in for on a one off-basis at the cost of £60 per session. I value her contribution to my life.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

On Friday, 27 January 2023 at 23:47:04 GMT, Vitali-Chi Ltd. <> wrote:


Welcome again to the 77 Secrets. As you've probably noticed, I've decided initially to concentrate on the health secrets. After all, without good health, very little else matters. So, it does make some sense to start there. Having said that, I must tell that I am not a dietician, nor a nutritionist and I am no expert in any health related field. What follows is simply what I have studied and learned in my life (so far).

As with any major planned dietary change, please seek expert medical advice first. Having said all that, what you are about to read, really works. I know, I have tried everything I recommend in

the following days....they are some of the most important secrets....the good news is that you don't have to become evangelical (or even angelic). The secrets are designed to work in most everyday lives...they can certainly work in yours...and the good news is that you can pick and choose, you don't have to follow all 77 Secrets to start leading a happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser life...So, without further ado, here's today's secret:

***Don't Smoke***

Confession time: I smoked, on and off, for 30 years. I lost around 10 teeth as a result and I think myself lucky to have 'got away with it'.

Smoking kills. Make no mistake. If you speak to any smoker, they want to or are thinking of quitting. The reason for this is fairly simple. They know that smoking is not good for them. It makes them

smell, gives them bad breath, is expensive and causes untold damage to their lungs and other vital organs. It also causes depression and other untold misery.

Look, I am not going to go on. There's plenty of documentation out there about the dangers of smoking and that is why most Western governments are now putting work and public place bans on smoking.

Smoking is not good for you. In fact, if governments spent 100% of the revenue received from the excise duties raised from the sale of tobacco products, on the re-education of smokers, instead of the 0.5% (yes, 1/200th) currently spent, then there would be no need for me to be spouting this message. People would be educated, even brainwashed, about the evils of smoking. However, the truth of the matter is that various governments around the world have been 'bought' by the tobacco lobby and not only have they become 'addicted' to the lobbyist donations (or bribes), they have also

become 'addicted' to the revenues that tobacco produces for the general coffers. So, the answer lies with you my friend and it is fairly simple...

If you don't smoke, don't start.

If you do smoke, find a way to stop.

By the way, after smoking on and off for 30 years, I had a £1,000 bet with a friend that the next one of us to light up, after an agreed date, would pay £1,000 to charity. That one simple strategy stopped us both smoking there and then (and we have both saved enough to afford the £1,000 donation, but we have not started again). But that's just one strategy, it worked for us. Try it. Try anything. But whatever you do: STOP SMOKING (or don't start).

I'll have more for you tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this secret, please let me know. Just hit 'Reply' and it should find me.

All the very best,

Allen Jesson


Energy For Life

PS As a result of receiving many replies on this subject (see PPS as an example), I decided to come up with my top ten strategies to quit. They are:

1. Have a bet with a fellow smoker that you will quit (as I did above).

2. Try a countdown quit i.e. today I'll smoke 20, the day after 19 etc.

3. If you fall off the quitting bike, get back on it again (and again and again if need be).

4. Plan a weekend where you can lie in bed, watch DVDs and feel sorry for yourself. Quit on the Friday night. Do not smoke on that weekend. Try not to smoke on the Monday (but even if you do, you have managed two days smoke free, the next time won't be so bad).

5. Know that the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal only lasts 48 to 96 hours. Get through that and the back is broken.

6. Recognize when you smoke. Keep a smoking diary. When do you smoke? In what situations? What triggers the urge to smoke? Change those situations (e.g. go for a walk at lunchtime instead of having a smoke)

7. Create a list of the reasons to smoke. Then create another list of reasons not to smoke. Be honest with yourself. Include the pyschological reasons why you smoke (or why you started). Pin the

two lists on the fridge or somewhere prominent.

8. Recognize that nicotine is a very powerful drug and that you won't be really free of it for a couple of YEARS after quitting. Never think (after quitting for a period of time) "I'll just have the one" or "I'll just have a cigar". Before you know it you'll be back where you started (if not worse).

9. Let the negative feelings about smoking build up inside of you. Feed on them. Hate yourself for smoking. Be embarrassed when you have to go outside for a smoke. Smell your clothes. Smell your

skin. Look at your tired and blurry eyes in the mirror. Is that who you set out to be?

10. Get serious and determined about packing up. But don't buy gum or e-cigarettes, they will just keep you addicted to the drug or the habit.

In closing, all I can say is good luck. It is possible. I haven't smoked for 8 years now and there is no way I'm going back. Please offer me a million dollars to have one cigarette (I will not accept it).

Finally: You can do this. YES, YOU CAN.

PPS Here's a typical reply from a valued subscriber (to show that you are not alone):

"Hi again Allen,

As usual, this was excellent! I have to admit, smoking is very expensive. And I am not even smoking an expensive brand. Imagine how much money I could spend elsewhere...should I quit completely!

I am slowly but surely brainwashing myself into thinking cigarettes make me sick. So after every cigarette, I feel queasy. And even right now, I am forcing myself to think about the horrible smell on

my fingers from the cigarette I had in my lunch break.

I have even done research about the e-cigarettes...but also, they said that I will be best off to quit altogether. So much harm is done to our bodies on a daily basis, just by eating and drinking (even water in my area!). Why would I possibly want to continue doing even more harm to myself? And for what? Who will look after my child if I have to leave this body too soon?

I know that I have the will power to break just about any why on earth is it so difficult to cut my bond with these silent killers?

Where there's a will, there's a way...and I will simply not give up!

Wish me luck.



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