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I conclude my autobiography in the most appropriate manner in that it has been written in 16 Volumes that amount to 7 and I pay my deepest reverence to God Sri Krishna in answering my long-standing prayer to take me through the path of satya and dharma which has seen me overcome severe difficulties during the past 24 years of my life.

This is therefore the story, a real-life Ramayana, if ever there was such a thing in the past history of Hinduism we do not know but the words when taken with the contents of the Mahabharatta, the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita show that Sri Krishna was never a figment of human imagination but a real Higher Power who comes to people’s assistance if they are on the path of truth and dharma as I was during the 18 years I spent as a scientist learning the art of experimental science at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of London. When I listened to Indian classical music and watched films like Baiju Bawra they brought tears in my eyes as the underlying bhakti that I had for God had been ingrained in me from my childhood raised as I was by a devotional parents, and especially my father who taught me the essentials of Hindu religion.

The State has left me alone now, there being today a Monday no emails or telephone calls that needed my attention. I am discharged from secondary Mental Health Institution and whilst it is under recommendation that I should take my mental health medications of anti-psychotic, risperidone, anti-depressant sertraline and mood-stabilising depakote, I take them in accordance with my wife’s wishes and not as a State imposition on me. There has been no judgment entered on my Appeal to reinstate the Claim E35YM660 in its entirety for a new Trial to be directed so it is clear that the State is stuck with inaction. The Constitution of the State of the United Kingdom has been shown to be not fit for purpose with the Prime Minister beyond the reach of the Courts as the Executive in Chief working to the Monarch Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

My reputation is therefore intact and all the State’s attempts to silence me one way or the other such as destroying my internet and book publications and making me stateless has not worked so that I am free living my life within the family and free to do whatever I wish to do without hindrance from the State.

I have also through this crises in my personal life evaluated the religions and stand proud that I was born into a Hindu family in India which could withstand the most severest level of persecution that any individual in a modern society could face, but of course I cannot speak of what other countries would have done with a person like me as a citizen.

It was all preordained and preorchestrated in the Grand Design of the universe and God Sri Krishna for His intents and purposes had a mission for me, of that I am now certain. The mission was multi-faceted in that I would not only learn about religion but my bhakti would be rewarded for God never once left me unprotected. He gave me my wife who has been exemplary as a devata, and held our family together in the most dignified manner possible with her work for the Civil Service and all types of friends and workers who she recruited to maintain our great house while I spent usually 15-17 hours a day on the computer and at workplaces off and on to earn some extra money when we needed it most until my occupational pension came through in 2017.

This evening is a time of reflection, not for gloating such as the success I have had to expose the United Kingdom as a nation of morons who are atheistic for all intents and purposes as bookworm Christians and having shown the supremacy of Hindu religion in punching the final nail in the coffin of such a State for its persecution of me, a truthful person who had to engage in a war as a Kshatriya. I believe that this is the reason that I was asked by God to take off my janeo when communicating with Him, and it was not because of any new religion that I had created from nothing that I called Vishista-advaita Vedanta.

I cannot be attached to any religion whatsoever, that is the prime lesson that I have learned. I need mukti, that is liberty and this is what I have attained this evening. I have not attained moksha nor is it appropriate for me with duties and responsibilities towards my family to cut myself off from Creation to be free from the samsara towards the promised land of nirvana in Shunyata. I live in the living reality, the vyvaharika, and continue to perform my dharma, for it is a life-long conduct of truth conservation through karma, hence the title of my earlier book karma in sanatan dharma which remains valid.

I have no reason to publish anything further in my websites and am going to phase them out to save money to live to family needs (18.03 Negative) as soon as I can.

With that I ask my readers to mull over what I have written in these 16 Books and make their own judgment on my life-story.


18.08 pm (UK-Time) 25 October 2021

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