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The Samaritans have a query

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Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Sat, 24 Sept at 14:55

Dear Jo

The Long Catlis Road Surgery sent me a text at 13.36 pm yesterday chatting from 07813 405175 as follows: Dear Mr Panigrahi, you are due a physical health check with Jayne East. Please call Parkwood Health Centre to arrange an appointment. Kind regards'

I dialled the main Surgery Number at about 3.00 pm and held for over 2 minutes but no one picked up the telephone. I would have held for longer or called a second time but with so many missed calls that I presume they have the system in place to record where these are coming from, and in view of what I explained in the rest of my email that was copied to Long Catlis Road Surgery, I did not bother. My Urology Appointment with Dr Bhat at Medway Maritime Hospital following the MRI Scan that I went through a month ago has once again been cancelled.

I always believed that you were on my side against the State in its perpetration of organised persecution and victimisation on me that started in 1997 and continues unabated, for which reason I wished you to collate every one of the emails that we exchanged over several years as evidence of this Hate Crime against me that prevents me from forcing the co-conspirators to Kent Police submitting their evidence in writing or as witness under oath before the Honourable Magistrate in Medway Magistrates Court that I have agreed with the Crown Prosecution Service that it has to take place. I do not have the email correspondence that were partly contained in my USB Memory Stick, the desk-top computer that Kent Police took away without a search warrant when I was arrested without an arrest warrant on 24 November 2021, so that your friendship that I have nurtured would be vital to save me from disgrace as no-one else I know understands Vishista-advaita Vedanta.

I hope this clarifies the point that was bothering you from my last email.

Yours sincerely


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On Saturday, 24 September 2022 at 13:59:29 BST, <> wrote:

Dear Shantanu,

I'm sorry but I don't understand the last paragraph of your e-mail. Can you clarify for me who has contacted you 'to say goodbye'? Did you mean the Catlis Road Surgery?




You can call Samaritans free on 116 123 day or night, 365 days a year, from any phone in the UK or Republic of Ireland. A trained volunteer will answer the phone as soon as they can.

When you email us, we aim to respond within 24 hours. This means it will usually be several hours before someone reads your email. If you need urgent support, we can respond more quickly if you call.

You can find more information about Samaritans, including other ways to contact, online self-help and more about the email service at Our privacy statement is here:

Samaritans registered Charity Number 219432 (England & Wales) and SC040604 in Scotland.




At 15.52 pm on this Saturday afternoon I texted back on chatting to the GP Surgery: Hello, please book me the necessary appointment between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm on any weekday and send me confirmation by text or email to Thanks’.

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