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The Samaritans respond on this Saturday afternoon

Re: Your email to me yesterday evening2




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Sat, 17 Sept at 18:14

Dear Jo

Thank you for your email.

For the avoidance of doubt, I do not now have any Personality Disorder, nor any paranoid schizophrenia or persistent delusional disorder or autism or Bipolar with delusions.

In the past I had no choice since I was suspended from the workplace at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich without access to the co-conspirators of the University like Appropriate Technology of the United States, the Intermediate Technology Development Group, the British Poultry Science and the World Poultry Science Association (UK-Branch) to go into hiding under a Consultant Psychiatrist at BUPA to gather the evidence that I needed by investigative journalism from the summer of 1998 to June of 1999 before I could be confident of the factuality of the conspiracy that would enable to successfully sue the University and its co-conspirators of Unfair Dismissal and Workplace harassment. That was when the Psychiatrist diagnosed me to be suffering from Severe Depression with psychotic features.

Since I persevered against the illogical decision of the Tribunal to rule against me without giving me the chance to compel the co-conspirators to give evidence under oath to the Tribunal; and appealed to the Employment Appeals Tribunal and then the Court of Appeal before embarking on a Case of Defamation in the Medway County Court which went all the way to the Administrative Court of the Kings High Court as I was judged to have abused the process of court which is a criminal matter of sorts, and failed to get it overturned, I sought asylum in a dozen countries to get away from the United Kingdom before the authorities took action for not paying the full amount of the costs of the University in defending the litigation and the abuse of court judgment. On my way to France finally in 2004 using a out-dated passport because the Home Office did not return my passport on time and the State had arranged to send its mental health team to our house, I was captured by Dover Police and incarcerated in a mental hospital for three months for what they said was persistent delusional disorder when I complained of being a political prisoner. I was forced into injections of mental health medications when I refused oral ones and so had to take the oral medications that were prescribed in the hospital. There was nothing wrong with me mentally so after three months of observation, I was released on condition that I continued to take the medications for this condition. This continued ever since as I was at home but under Secondary care at Kingsley House under Dr Isaac Sundeep and Dr Shobha, then at Canada House under Dr Masoud all continuing with the diagnosis of persistent delusional disorder.

In the safety of my home, I resumed my fight to restore my reputation by engaging in political activities with the Labour Party, UKIP, Lib Dems and finally the Conservative Party none of which materialised into anything due to the gross misconduct charge of the University of Greenwich. All professional scientific job applications met with the same fate. I was then convinced when my representations to Parliament through successive Constituency Members of Parliament and the Parliament and Health Service Ombudsman and the Speakers of the House of Commons all refused to listen to my please for justice that there was a State-organised effort to render me to a position of being a destitute. I published everything in my WordPress Blog which got me into greater trouble with the Mental Health authorities of Canada House who now started diagnosing that I had paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusional disorder was removed from the records. My medications were still enforced but changed periodically and currently stand at risperidone (4 mg), sertraline (150 mg) and Depakote (1000 mg). Although subsequently Dr Odesanya subsequently said that I had autism too. My WordPress Blog was suspended and archived to meet with Dr Masoud's requirements earlier.

When Kent Police harassed me with a Speeding charge, I took out a counter prosecution against it at Maidstone Crown Court, and subsequently issued litigation at the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court which got struck out by Master Eastman without a defence being offered. This was the time that a phase of intense persecution began from an organisation calling itself Victims of Panigrahi Association (VOPA) and I started a dharmayudha at the highest possible level that a human being could be capable of hiding once again as it suited me under the Medical cover of being a mental patient to withstand the persecution. I wrote 78 books and got them published and a dozen websites were created at to fight as if my life depended on it.

Today I am no longer in need of medical cover because I have all that I need to defend myself against Kent Police in any criminal charges that it might be considering on me.

I am consequently free to do what I want.

Is that clear?


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On Saturday, 17 September 2022 at 16:34:38 BST, <> wrote:

Hi Shantanu

Thank you for your latest email and for explaining so fully the situation with MEGAN.

Can I ask how you are feeling at the moment? You have so much to cope with so I thought it's important for you to have chance to take stock and share your feelings with us.

We're here to listen to try to help you explore any distressing feelings with us



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When you email us, we aim to respond within 24 hours. This means it will usually be several hours before someone reads your email. If you need urgent support, we can respond more quickly if you call.

You can find more information about Samaritans, including other ways to contact, online self-help and more about the email service at Our privacy statement is here: .

Samaritans registered Charity Number 219432 (England & Wales) and SC040604 in Scotland.


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