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Trembling in my boots: Claim J00ME572

Trembling in my boots: Claim J00ME572




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Sivaji Panesar, Marty Caine, Nitin Bhardwaj,


Enquiries Medway County Court,, Orla Scanlan, South East VRR and Complaints Crown Prosecution Service

Mon, 25 Jul at 07:43

Dear Sirs of VOPA

Which of you sent me the attached email last night: FrAnonymous(CAE)24Jul2022.odcx? I am trembling in my boots right now as a result of not knowing what my fate is heading towards.

The decision on Claim J00ME572 is pending at the Medway County Court with a fixture of 27 October 2022 at 10.00 am Hearing. If you have any concerns about this, you should make your representations to the Judge at this Hearing. I for myself have given all the information that I have to the Court and all the possibilities from which the Court will make its decision are covered. It is not for me to pull out now from the Claim being processed by the Court. That is entirely a matter for the Court to decide. The State has to function in accordance with due process.

My prime objective right now is to establish my reputation that has been maligned from the defamatory actions of VOPA, as narrated in the attached: REPUTATION MATTERS-digital.pdf.

I have no issues with Mr Gurpal Singh Tiwana who has remained a good friend of mine since the days that we worked together in a petrol station and we went to Southall for his Car MOT and eating in an Indian restaurant. He is not part of VOPA he confirmed to me. As you have said VOPA is a racist institution since my petition to Her Majesty the Queen in 2000, but VOPA existed since 1997 when it implemented workplace harassment on me that started at the Natural Resources Institute, especially in the overseas locations of Zimbabwe with Sue Azam Ali and with dealings with British Poultry Science and World Poultry Science Association (UK-Branch). It is not forgotten by me, and given the opportunity by the Court, I will attend the Hearing that is scheduled to discuss it, whether or not there are any objections to the discontinuance of the Claim for which permission was sought but assumed to have been declined. You will note that Tide Bank has not replied to the insinuation from me that it is a co-conspirator of the Chief Constable of Kent Police Mr Alan Pughesley in the application for Injunction and Money Claims of £3.4 million in damages and compensation, which is due to me for the 24 years of VOPA's terroristic activities that is the subject of the investigation by the Judge.

The Court will today outline what is to be discussed at the Hearing the date for which cannot be changed without the Judges authority. I am not going to presume anything and will leave it all entirely for the Judge to decide on the day itself, which is how it should be.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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