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Unmasking Nic at Medway CC and reviving J00ME572

Unmasking Nic at Medway CC and reviving J00ME5722




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Sat, 8 Oct at 21:32


Clodes Solicitors

London Office

London Chancery Lane

1st Floor Holborn Gate

330 High Holborn




Dear Sirs

Is Clodes Solicitors acting on my behalf on this matter of criminal anonymous emails impersonating me through State-sponsored Cyber attack?

I would be grateful if you would let me know one way or the other so that I have the opportunity to consult another Firm of Solicitors before I am victimised even more severely and tyrannically than has been the case hitherto.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

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----- Forwarded message -----

From: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

To: "" <>; "" <>; "" <>; "" <>; "" <>

Sent: Saturday, 8 October 2022 at 20:27:01 BST

Subject: Unmasking Nic at Medway CC and reviving J00ME572

Dear Geri and Orla my Night Angels from Clyde Co.

- in the matter of the newly resurrected Claim J00ME572 by me, following the overruling and disciplining of the crook Nic at Medway County Court Civil Claims Section.

Now it has been explained to me by Jo that you are trying to help me and that you agree your former clients Kent Police are the dirtiest of liars falsifiers and criminals presiding nonchalantly over a booming boisterous buccaneering crime syndicate, and that you repented your underhand conspiracy with Miss Nic the whore from Medway County Court at its Civil Desk, so I am over the worst of it now (I never said that before?!), for the nuances of Brahma-Nature in its interactions require one to be alert and aware of the perils of attachments to anything so that one can respond to developments in a calm and collected spontaneous tamasic manner.

I saw that in considerable detail and dealt with the tamasic elements of guna consciousness in my own manner to thwart the persecution from various quarters within the United Kingdom and beyond, and am satisfied with the outcome. I am still surviving here in the United Kingdom with my United Kingdom nationality and British passport still intact despite all the attempts by Kent Police to destroy my reputation as a sane and honest human being who never did anything wrong to the State

of the United Kingdom or to a person or persons calling themselves under the umbrella of Victims of Panigrahi Association. The Courts are powerless to investigate these matters in favour of the Claimant for the State is inherently tyrannical that cannot tolerate a libertarian spirit, would try to

destroy his credibility in the eyes of the world by castigating him as a criminal or mentally deranged such that he deserves punishment by being locked up in a mental institution, except that that is not sufficient for the State authorities.

So long as I am alive and batting on or should I say battling on, the State will pursue me. This is why Kent Police has been ordered not to return our desk-top computer, my USB Memory Stick, Amazon Fire and my old Mobile phone. It keeps the State's options open to frame charges against me now that the Medway County Court has ruled that I cannot have J00ME572 reinstated and continued with to secure my well-deserved £ 3.5 million in damages and compensation for the 25 years of

victimisation and persecution that it organised against me for taking on the University of the green witch (sadly for some now departed from this world after the damage she did to my career and prosperity). How on Earth can a Court decided that I cannot have my Claim reinstated by submitting an appropriate Application Notice in civil proceedings is beyond me. It is as if the Shiva-Sugriva-Nature has got all its most tamasic guna consciousness creatures inhabiting the United Kingdom to thwart the progress of my litigation and my quest for mahasamadhi. Similarly, the utmost secrecy with which the East Kent Magistrates Court rejected my application for an arrest warrant against the Chief Constable of Kent Police two years ago, and that common prostitute Nic, who responds

uncooperatively to while deceitfully and cunningly using words for example on 18 February 2020 at 11:51:07am that she is "a Clerk of the Court

or Court Officer" provided by my benefactor of Minster, Mr Robert White, which on careful reading is not an admission she is the Court Clerk, whose lack of response and even provision of a name so I can commence malfeasance and misfeasance proceedings against her for thwarting my litigation against her boyfriend Kubla Khan who could be the same as Chief Constable Pughesley the CLP of Katrina For Sale, for me to revisit this case with all the evidence that I had painstakingly collected over 21 years shows that the Courts were all manipulated by the State Establishment, whether that is the Monarch or the Prime Minister it does not make the damnedest bit of difference in an unwritten Constitution that the United Kingdom operates

under. That is why I had described the United Kingdom as a Satanismus-evil State, much more evil than the United States of America who tag along under the concocted idea of special relationship

so that it can be allies in geo-politics that is all that matters to them, the people can go to hell as they are mere subjects not citizens with any human rights. It is all done and dusted Jo, I am going to see the nurse as you have pointed out and have the physical health check that the appointment is

only about, it will not determine whether I am paranoid schizophrenic with persistent delusional disorder or Bipolar with delusions. As a Vishista- advaitin, I strive to determine the truth about all matters whether in the material world or in the spiritual world and I am not attached to anything. I

reply to each and every email or communication by telephone that I receive. One has to be mad to be a Vishista-advaitin, practising satya-advaita which means truth-accommodation which

to Westerner Janbhosadiwale is called Lying, is totally unregulated and free without inhibitions, and retaining one's spontaneity, nonchalance and unpremeditatedness of actions and see where all that leads to. Que Sera Sera.

I have been struggling to have sufficient time on my hands to determine the fullest comprehension of Reality and fortunately I have that. I will have no legal proceedings from now onwards either at Medway County Court, East Kent Magistrates Court, Central London County Court or in Parliament for justice delayed is justice denied. Period. Let Kent Police charge me now, I defy them. The United Kingdom will sink even deeper into the hole that it has dug for itself in terms of its international reputation to deny a Lingam-worshipping Hindu the right to practice his religion by continuous evil

terroristic bombardment of about 25000 criminal anonymous emails to destroy his employability. So to come to your question of how the Samaritans can help me now at this point in my struggle for survival, you just cannot. As Dr Odesanya the Consultant Psychiatrist once told me, I have no powers. The Consultant Psychiatrists even Mumbo-Jumbo mumbling African Witch-Doctors like Mwanche have powers to incarcerate people if they so wish in mental hospitals, of force them to have mind bending medications without supervision in Secondary Care as they are not monitored for this criminality by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman as the ultimate regulatory authority for the National Health Service. The Consultant Psychiatrists, like the Police deputise for the Monarch in this Dictatorial Monarchy that presents a facade of civility to the outside

world in order to go buccaneering for goods and services for their economy, which is all that is important to them.

If I survive here in my home with my websites and continuing autobiography of my life in the United Kingdom, I will continue to be a thorn in their backside. Because of me the wicked green witch Elizabeth has been made into food for worms and Boris Johnson and his predecessors thrown into the refuse tip of Westminster. Now I will start afresh with Charles III CR and Liz Truss, and if they fail to accommodate me, I will take into custody their agents. That indeed is victory. If you fail to respond to this fact-finding and justice-dispensing email, I will interpret it as your explicit consent on behalf of all those whose instructions you accepted and consented to and even requested the full reawakening and reinstatement of my J00ME572 proceedings against the madarchod suars and

vermine insects for me to crush underfoot unpremeditatedly but with rajasic triumphalism.

If you later dispute this I will blog everything. As a Master Escapologist I rendered myself immune to any repercussions in law from any excessive language in this Statutory Demand that you acquiesce and obey my not-unlawful demands that the younger of you provides me with the fullest personal

satisfaction as promised in the boilerplate of BLM Law incorporated into Clyde Co., that you are fully flexible in your provision of service. In your own words, you must COMPLY.

Is that all understood sufficiently? Your unresponsiveness means my patience with you is running out rapidly. Unlike Bob White, whose email has since been bastardised by trolls but I will send him a letter using the same envelope sent to me by Rehman Chishti MP who is capable of applying alternaria toxin to it to cause permanent disability, I will unhesitatingly visit your dens of thieves, be they Medway CC or ClydeCo., and apprehend and take into my custody those deserving of custody

and interrogation. I would not hesitate even a second. I urge Geri to prepare for satisfying me for which flexible and may be enjoyable work she will be amply rewarded, with more than token commission to you Orla. It is not very different from your usual client service, so I cannot see what

could be the objection. I will be the first Swami for Geri.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi, also called Swami Shantananda

c/o 205 Kent Avenue


ME12 2DU

Tel: 07967789619

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