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Update on Appointment with Britton House Community Mental Health Team

At 11.50 Mobile Phone rang from a 01634 number that I answered. It was Issac from Britton House. The line was very faint so I asked him to ring again. He rang on the Landline that I answered. He said he was just checking to see how I was. I said I am feeling much better now. I have had a lot of correspondence to deal with. I am bailed to appear in Medway Police Station on 18 June 2023 that I am going to go with my wife. It is about allegations of harassment and malicious communications. He asked if I was going for the appointment of 26 June 2023. I said Yes, it is at 10.45, I got the letter. But there was a query When you spoke to us the last time it was agreed that it will be a face-to-face meeting at Britton House, but the letter says that it is a telephone interview. He said the Administrators sent the letter. The appointment is with Dr Emmanuel Oranusi. It will save you the trouble of coming to Britton House. OK I am fine with the telephone appointment. Then I asked him if I could have a Care Plan that I have not had for a very long time. I do not know what my present diagnosis is. I know I am a mental patient because I take mental health medications. Based on the interviews you have done on me since 20 April 2023 if you could let me have a written update if someone asks me for information. I know I am paranoid schizophrenic and persistently delusional from all the writing of emails that I do but I need confirmation or otherwise effectively. He said that Britton House will be able to tell them that you have mental illness. You can speak to the Consultant Psychiatrist on 26 June and get a Care Plan update with the diagnosis confirmed effectively. Ok I said. The call ended.


Last Updated; 12.16 pm (UK-Time) 15 June 2023

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