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Another criminal surfaces with a criminal anonymous email to me and others

Your ref: OXS/150942/72 BLM-LAW.FID10005113 Claim: J00ME572


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <> via


date: 11 Jun 2022, 03:01

subject: Your ref: OXS/150942/72 BLM-LAW.FID10005113 Claim: J00ME572


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: Important according to Google magic.

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Dear Oral or should I say Orla

You are such an ethics-less liar that you must be in the correct profession even if Oral Sex Provision to your moronic clients is only your sideline. So is it Orla for one type of service and Oral for the other?

I wrote to Medway County Court who too are investigating your firm for a serious professional misconduct stating that as they may have realised, I do not play tactical manoeuvrings like the Defendant and its crooked firm of lawyers does. Instead, I follow the truth within the exposed Reality of the moment to achieveand fulfill Dharma Rakshati Rakshita crystallising as the

strike off applications filed against you and your firm for a complete lack of professional standards.

I have a diagnosis of split personality acute F20 affective schizophrenia. Your tongue should fall out for deceitfully writing about the other Shantanu to save BLM Law from the bankruptcy proceedings I will initiate, "This is untrue. As the court is aware, we filed AOS and Notice of Acting on 19 May

2022. In the circumstances the claimant’s request for judgment in default is entirely spurious."

In the Highest Court of Public Opinions, I have ripped open the facade to expose how you, your employers and your lawless clients have committed perjuries, forgery, collusion with others including Court staff to pervert the cause of justice, impersonation, harassment, acts of religious and

racial hatred, intimidation, making of baseless threats, sexual misconduct and ignoring my meritorious instructions for your ship of pirates to recuse itself because it is severely compromised by your involvement as an accessory in the theft of my computer devices and old phone, all to no avail because I am a master of escapology and was careful never to use them for anything discreet. I was also careful to always immediately widely publish everything on Facebook and Twitter so anyone could be doing this, there-by finessing your malicious and perjurious 'Only He Could Know' assault on my peace of mind.

Because "X" is not your middle initial according to your records I have been able to dredge up, I am writing to the Law Society your Trades Union about this, may I clarify for the second time that this is not a default or padding used by BLM Law and is also a sinister threat against me of more

anonymous terror which has caused me liquefiable damages of approaching £100 million?

If you do not yourself follow "Comply", which as part of your firm's emailing tactics you used to miscommunicate with me, the very Title of my next book to be published by Lulu will include your name, home address and your firm's information. I gave every opportunity for you to repent and

atone but you spurned these and buccaneered even further against my family and me, including your unwanted sexual solicitations and advances against a decent married Vishishta-Advaitist and Mahatman Purnavatar. You missed the opportunity to indulge in truly "flexible working" with me as hinted at in your firm's tamasic disclaimer. Could I expect more from a firm whose founder Mr Mawer had a spent conviction for molesting an underage person?

It even says the term "partner" should not be construed as indicating that the individuals so designated have entered into partnership (within the meaning of the Partnership Act 189O) so why are you applying it to yourself other than to frighten off those like myself who are seeking justice? For those false pretences alone, you deserve a sound thrashing.

I made clear earlier that the District Judge is asleep but are you in the same bed, if so please awaken the gentleman. Thank you.

Abandon by 4.30 p.m. tomorrow this unequal struggle and either recuse or better concede and commence negotiation according to PAP and CPR over the amount of damages to be paid to me, in a final and full settlement of my claims and injunction application, and even my Solicitors Regulation

Authority proceedings under 49973. I will also write you a letter of mitigation to the Law Society signed by me as pursuer which should save you from disbarment if the amount of compensation paid is satisfactory, a minimum of £ 10 million.

This is my last offer before I launch my full-scaled counter attack which is like nothing you could imagine.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619


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