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Clinical Psychologist Required

Clinical Psychologist Required3




Dr Scott Therapy <>


Shantanu Panigrahi

Fri, 6 Jan at 11:42

Dear Shantanu,

Thank you for getting in contact with me, it seems that you are experiencing very challenging circumstances. Unfortunately I am not in a position to take on any new clients at the moment, as my caseload is very high. Since you are looking for suitable clinical psychologists, the best place to find suitable people would be and to make some enquiries there.

I wish you all the best for this process and I hope things go well for you.

Best wishes,


Dr Scott Therapy

Practitioner Psychologist

D.Foren.Psych. CPsychol. AFBPsS.

Ph: 07935 045769

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On 6 Jan 2023, at 08:16, Shantanu Panigrahi <> wrote:


Dr Kevin Scott

Dear Dr Scott

I was recommended to contact you for Counselling as a psychologist which seems to me to be distinct from pscyhotherapists that Simon Taylor or The Dynamic Therapist and Jill Jesson a holistic specialist were assisting me with but they have since pulled out refunding me my Session Fee.

Let me give you my full background:

I am a Hindu immigrant having come to the United Kingdom at the age of 15 with my parents who returned to India leaving me to undertake academic studies in the United Kingdom. I had a very successful academic career as a BSc in Pharmacology specialising in nutritional toxicology and working in the Natural Resources Institute of the Civil Service until it was privatised to the University of Greenwich. After the 18 years that I spent as a biological scientist in natural resources, my career was cut short by being found to have been blameworthy of gross misconduct towards colleagues and senior management at the University of Greenwich. I was dismissed from service in 1998 without a redundancy package or placed on medical retirement on account of my mental health disorder that was at the time diagnosed as 'Severe depression with psychotic features'.

Since that event 24 years ago I have been retained in the Community Mental Health Services of the National Health Service having been sectioned twice (2004 and 2008) with persistent delusional disorder. Later on it was diagnosed to be paranoid schizophrenia. The medications that I am on currently are risperidone (4 mg daily), sertraline (150 mg daily) and Depakote (1000 mg daily). I also take other medictaions for physical problems such as atorvastatin, tamsoulosin and finasteride.

The past 25 years I have been embroiled in continuous legal matters that has persisted due to the perceived injustices that I felt that I have been victimised by such that I felt that the State of the United Kingdom has been persecuting me for my actions to take the perpetrators to justice. The Medway County Court ruled that I had abused the process of Court in 2001, and I sought asylum in a dozen countries unsuccessfully.

I have always been a workaholic and so published 35 scientific papers in refereed internatinal journals over my scientific career and when I was blacklisted for decent employment I decided to set on a path of a mission to develop knowledge for world conservation. This was a decade ago. I visited Forums and wrote numerous Blogs and books all of which you can find on the internet as attached: SHANTANU PANIGRAHI CURRENT WEBSITES PLATFORM.docx.

The publications got me into great deal of trouble because trolls calling themselves Victims of Panigrahi Association started harassing me with emails hacking my computer devices and trying to get me into legal difficulties. I felt that CIA/M15/COBRA were dressed up as VOPA to terrorise, victimise, persecute and defraud me of my financial rights.

Then Kent Police arrested me on 24 November 2021 and again in 23 November 2022 accusing me to have been the prime suspect inthe sending of malicious communications to individuals and institutions which I denied doing. Kent Police is still continuing with its investigations and have seized our family's desktop computer, my USB Memory Stick, my Amazon Fire notepad, and my Mobile phone since November 2021. I felt that this was a Hate Crime on me by the Police to add to the trolling activities.

Whether I have a persecution complex, a personality disorder, autism, or am congenitally schizophrenic is something that needs to be ascertained by a Clinical psychologist: in this regard my mother committed suicide when I was 5 years of age and also had tried to take the life of my baby sister in the process seemingly because she was haunted by the fear that both of them had tuberculosis which was incurable in those days. My elder brother also was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had electroconvulsive treatment when he was a adoloscent and ended up living a decent life on Lithium therapy until he passed away 6 years ago. I had no issues of mental health in my childhood and until the age of 40 that my scientific career was shattered by the University of Greenwich. My father was a renouned botanist having published 350 papers in his career and being honoured by the government of India with the Janaki Ammol prize for outstanding contributions.

There is a Court Hearing on 20 January 2022 which will hear my litigation against the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom under Claim E35YM660 in front of a Circuit Judge at the Central London County Court, the case that I brought to bring to justice those who had failed to supervise adequately the institutions and people of the State over those 25 years.

I have already been to your link supplied to me by Simon Taylor and feel that Psychiatry within the NHS has not identified the root causes of my mental health issues and whilst I am now used to the medications that I have given above, I need a clear-cut diagnosis and pscychological treatment plan from this age of 66.

A Cleint Questionnaire that I recently filled in gives some additional information for assessment: EMAIL WELLBEING QUESTIONNAIRE(ONLINE)RESPONSE.docx

Can you help me please?

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619


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