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Commendable decision by Mrs Jessons.

Commendable decision by Mrs Jessons.




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Marty Caine (


Mon, 17 Apr at 19:19

Dear Mr Marty Caine

I have put a pause on my relationship with Jill Jesson upon seeing that what you mentioned as her blocking my emails is true as evidenced from the fact that the attached communication came back to me with a failure to deliver note: ToCourtofAppealccPSDKentPoliceOmarSaagherCentLonCtyCrtEnquiriesMedCtyEnquiriesJillJesson.17Apr2023.

I note that you have raised this matter with the Privy Council and I wish to fully cooperate in its investigation given that I do not trust the Courts of the United Kingdom, the Police or the government in Parliament and have, with the Court not clarifying your identity with full address so that I can directly negotiate the £7 million in compensation from VOPA instead of the UK-Treasury/Paymaster General, decided to reply to your email so that the due process in accordance with the Constitution is adopted in the processing of this matter going forward.

Accordingly, I await the next communication on this matter from the Privy Council.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

On Monday, 17 April 2023 at 13:58:31 BST, Marty Caine <> wrote:

Dear Allen of Vitali-Chi etc.,

In the matter of 'Dr' SHANTANU PANIGRAHI

Dates of birth 15/1 and 8/8 1957, etc.


THE REGISTRY AT THE PRIVY COUNCIL to append to their file.

His GENERAL PRACTITIONER PRACTICE to illustrate their client's involvement with quacks and faith healers, for adding to Dr. Okafor's pre-committal briefing notes.

I commend your mother on heeding my advice in the message left on 01206385397 and blocking all of this terrorist's emails from her inbox. But now you must do the same, and also block his numbers for phone, sms and whats-app. After my own first interaction with him many years ago, I did that, foregoing all the legal fees he promised me, and never once regretted my action.

As your mother will have no doubt briefed you, the alternative is getting dragged into civil and criminal proceedings, with the terrorist claiming that he only committed his acts, threats involving bombs and a danda, which according to online translate services is a colloquial reference to his male appendage which he claims is abnormally large, but it is possible these will evolve beyond mere threats into acts of violence, directed at random individuals or institutions he encounters during his

online rampages, while under the influence of her alleged hypnosis, or of your peddled medications which you try to cover yourself by describing as food with magical effects.

The potential for bad publicity for the business or racket conducted by the pair of you outweighs any small cash benefit you obtain from him. When he referred to you as a "madderchod", are you aware of the meaning of that in the context of your relationship with Mrs Jesson?

He considers the expenditure well worth it. He is buying, as he sees it, future alibis, mitigation, defences......... in his vendetta against his host, he has every intention of "re-Vitalichi-sing" E35YM660 and many other hopeless cases the monkey has filed at court at the British tax-payers' expense, all the time f o o l i n g Law Enforcement that he is a victim of an anonymous hate campaign. Or so he


Warmest of regards,

"Marty Caine"

Co-founder, Victims of Panigrahi Association

c/o the State Covert Surveillance Department

of the Government of Moldova, who use him for our practice sessions


ToCourtofAppealccPSDKentPoliceOmarSagherCenLonCtyEnquireisMedCtyEnqJillJesson17Apr2023.docx 23.3kB:

Download DOC • 24KB

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