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DISCUSSION ON DEVI IN Ask a Hindu-Questions on Sanatan Dharma

DISCUSSION ON DEVI IN Ask a Hindu-Questions on Sanatan Dharma

29 September 2021 18.35 hours

Shantanu Panigrahi

Devi in Hinduism is in actual fact Lakshmi, as an incarnation of Durga, not Parvati, or Saraswati or Kali: What do the scriptures say?

Rita Gupta:

Devi is One and only, all her forms are different manifestations. Both authoritative Scriptures of Shaktism, Devi Mahatmay (Durga Saptshati, a part of Markendya Puran) and Devi Bhagawat (an independent Puran) explain so well.

She is triguna, in her Sat form, She is Laxmi. In her Raj form, She is Saraswati and in Tam form, she is Kali. Durga is her form where all three gunas are present. Parvati is her Shakti form to accompany Shiva, the Consciousness, so srashthi (Creation) could take place.

दीक्षा महान्ती Diksha Mohanty

Devi is just any female goddess .

And Maa Durga , maa kali is incarnation of maa parvati .

Maa durga and maa kali are same goddess with different form.

Laxmi and saraswati mata are different entities.

Brāhman Seeker

Devi is basically the Ādī Śakti and all these forms and names are different manifestations and Avatāra of the same Mother Divinity. Jai Mā Bhavānī 🙏

Shantanu Panigrahi

Rita Gupta, That is very comprehensive response. Thank you Rita. I will learn our scriptures from now on Devi in different sampradayas. Hinduism is so vast and gives so much reverence to goddesses in this context so engenders great respect of Hindu males towards the female gender which makes for wonderful spirituality for the nation of India. No place like India or should I say Bharat. Much as the different conquerors tried to destroy our culture, from Alexander the Great, the Persians (Moughals), the Europeans and especially the British who spent 350 years and introduced Islam and then Christianity, we Hindus took that as a lesson to learn from and one day we will return to traditional values of respect for young, middle aged and older people of both sexes as well as the Gay and Lesbian and Bisexual people for all are the Creators doing and serve different purposes in the Grand Design that needs the soul to be cleansed through reincarnation to climb up the karmic ladder towards the eventual destination of Brahmaloka where devas and asura as souls exist. I grew up worshipping Durga and Saraswati but was not very keen on Kali due to the fear of her appearance in statues and pictures, but Lakshmi was like Mother to me. Somehow, I always felt that 'Ya Devi Sarbabhutesu, shantirupena sanstitata’ and the entire song/bhajan/prayer was a salutation to Durga as the Supreme Goddess the Creator, who with Sri Krishna being two sides of the same coin of the Almighty.

Shantanu Panigrahi

दीक्षा महान्ती Thank you Dikshaji, I would like to know more about your Devi.

दीक्षा महान्ती

Shantanu Panigrahi, My Devi? I believe all the Devi we know from books of Hinduism are one with different form and name .all are same shakti.

Shantanu Panigrahi

दीक्षा महान्ती Thanks.

Shivam Vinod Gupta

Rita Gupta, Mam Please Quote the Scripture. Because Nowadays their are many conmen who extract things from their own head and call it to be from the Scriptures. Thank You

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