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E35YM660 Proceedings

E35YM660 Proceedings




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Force Control Kent Police, Central London DJSKEL County Court


Tue, 14 Feb at 08:12


1. Kent Police

2. Central London County Court

Dear Sirs:

While I go through the rigours of consulting Dr Nyeko the Consultant Psychiatrist at Britton House on 6 March 2023 at 10.45 am and with my psychotherapist Jill Jesson on 24 February 2023 at 11.30 am on Zoom, I should draw your attention to the liked proceedings:


In this regard, I should make it clear that I am not 'hiding' under medical cover but just going through the processes of the State as I am a law-abiding citizen who upholds the rule of law.

I have done nothing wrong and my 100 Sections of the book 'The Allurement of Reality' that are published that have gone unchallenged is testament to the fact that I have always acted in good faith in a philanthropic manner and have survived great odds during this process: An exploration of Reality by Dr Shantanu Panigrahi in 100 Sections (

In my correspondence with Jill Jesson, I wrote: ‘You should have read my email that I sent you this morning to see what is State-organised victiminsation, terrorism, persecution and defrauding of my financial rights is. It is a systematic approach to render me a destitute, in a mental hospital or a prison cell having failed to boot me out of the country for 25 years. I do not have a split mind and you knew very well that the several hundreds of criminal anonymous emails that I am alleged to have sent out from my computer were actually manufactured by the UK State Security Services’. I stand by that.

The State of the United Kingdom targeted me for persecution because I wanted to bring the University of Greenwich to Court and went through all due process legally to bring that to a Hearing. All my manoevres were designed to highlight my plight of being unable to make ends meet and it was for this reason that I asked for the late Queen Elizabeth to be dethroned/impeached through due process calling her an evil green witch for disregarding my petition submitted as a last resort and then taking the matter to the International Criminal Court while sitll a citizen with a British passport resident in the United Kingdom. The Hearing that I required in a Court of Law to assess these matters was always and systematically denied to me over 25 years.

In my previous submission to the Circuit Judge at the Central London County Court I had pointed out that the only way this matter can be resolved is by the lifting of the adjournment of the Hearing of 20 January 2023, and I urge that this is considered duly without delay. I draw your attention to the attached Notice of Hearing that is unresolved: CentLonCtyCrt)NOTICEOFHEARINGOFAPPLICATION).pdf.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619



Download PDF • 3.78MB



At 9.53 pm last night (13 February 2023) Jill texted: ‘Zoom link sent’

I tested it and it worked

This morning I replied to Jill on WhatsApp ‘Yes I have tested it and it works. You will have read my email to Kent Police, Britton House and the Court of Central London that I copied you in on this morning. The 20 January 2023 Hearing was initially set up by the State as a Poisoned Chalice on me. When I did not fall into the trap, the Hearing disappeared altogether, and this is the reason that today no action is being taken; that leaves the State authorities to persecute me further as if unendingly until I am put in a mental hospital again or in a prison, for come what may I will never seek to go back to India the land of the Hindus. I will start collecting my State pension from August and not go to Britton House for any appointments. You will agree to this assessment of the status quo I an sure for you and Allen are intelligent running a successful business.

Jill texted back ‘Have received this information and will speak on the 24 February. Have a good day.

I replied: ‘ok’. That was at 11.01 am

I then telephoned Britton House and spoke to the receptionist. I gave my name and said that I wish to cancel my appointment with Dr Nyeko on 6 March 2023 at 10.45. She said that I will not get another appointment for a few months again. I said that does not matter. She asked if there was any reason for this cancellation. I said Yes, I have sent KMPT PALs emails and it is not replying. She said the next appointment will be in May. I said OK, send me a letter in the post to confirm that. She said that she will pass on the request to the Secretary. OK. Thank you I said. Call ended.

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