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Events of 23 November 2022 to 26 November 2022

Events of 23 November 2022 to 26 November 2022

On Wednesday 23 November, I tidied up my websites at Wix and at 8.28 sent an email to Kent Police Force Control and Driver Diversion copied to the International Criminal Court. Two minutes later there was a banging sound at the front door which I attended to and on opening the door saw that there were four Policemen who asked me my name and wanted to come into the house. I let them in and was told that I am under arrest on suspicion of having sent malicious communications. I told them that I had sent an email to Kent Police earlier on that morning. They handcuffed me behind my back, did not let me put on my coat nor my shoes with socks. I called out to Rashmi in the bathroom that they are arresting me, bastards and that this was persecution. They were in a hurry. The time was 8.30 am and I was led to their Police car with a Policeman in the drivers seat and another in the rear passenger seat where I sat. I had put on my shoes loosely by then with their assistance. I was taken to Maidstone Custody Police Station. The arresting officer gave details to the lady person who entered my charge into the computer that I had been arrested for sending an email this morning to the University of Greenwich threatening to bomb the University and a few days prior to that I had sent an email to the Drivers Diversion Unit of Kent Police threatening to explode them. The woman took down a lot of details from me including health issues which I said was paranoid schizophrenia, persistent delusions, mood instability and autism. Rashmi had sent over my packet of medications through the second group of Policemen who were searching the house and these medications were placed in the evidence bag along with my belt that I was asked to remove. I cooperated throughout. I was locked in a Police cell pending the interview as to my response to the allegations.

While I waited I had a vegetarian breakfast. Soon afterwards at 11.00 am my medications were brought in in a vial that I took. Then a Mental Health professional lady came into the Cell and asked to speak to me. I cooperated. I knew I had to open uo the escape route of mental illness so gave a comprehensive account of my conditions over the past 25 years, starting with BUPA diagnosis in 1998 of ‘Severe depression with psychotic features’. Then I had been diagnosed with persistent delusional disorder and paranoid schizophrenia, autism, and Personality Disorder I said. I said that I had been sectioned twice in mental hospital the first time in 2004 and then in 2008. She aske me where were you sectioned? I said at Littlebrook in Darent Way Dartford, then Medway Maritime Hospital and also a mental hospital in Maidstone that I seem to recall. I said further that my mother was schizophrenic and committed suicide, and my brother too was schizophrenic but had electroconvulsive therapy and in the end got stabilised with Lithium treatment. So mental illness runs in our family. She asked if there were others in the family. I said I had two sisters in India and they were married with children. What about your father she asked. I said they say he was a tyrant but I do not think that he was responsible for my mother having committed suicide. (I shed a tear at some point during this exchange). She took down my Mobile Phone number on the sheet of notes she was preparing and I also gave her my landline number. I said further that unfortunately the Community Mental Health Team discharged me from Secondary Care so I could not get my medications reviewed. At one point they were contemplating giving me the antipsychotic Clozapine but it requires blood monitoring frequently so we did not go through with that change. She said that she would contact the Mental Health Services and see if they could help me. I said that I needed to be in a mental hospital except that right now I need to be at home to care for my wife who has a spinal-back injury or disorder. I added that I wrote to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to complain about the NHS’s treatment on me but nothing materialised. No one came to my assistance I went to the Courts to bring the perpetrators of torture to justice but the Courts took no action. I asked her to do the referral, I had contacted Single Point of Access, the Samaritans and MEGAN but none of them had the knowledge on how to help me. I asked her would you contact the authorities today? She said yes soon and I will come back and speak to you.

The lady mental health Professional did not come back to see me through the day. Another hour or so later the interviewing officer opened the door of the Cell and introduced the Duty Solicitor saying that you had asked for one so here it is. I was also introduced to an appropriate adult who would sit in the interview room monitoring the proceedings. The Solicitors name was June Banfield. We went into a room after I had lunch of Chicken Tikka Masala and rice. She gave me the usual options of what I could or could not say and what the effects might be in Court of both. I told her that I wished to cooperate fully and honestly and truthfully answer all the questions and let the Police decide what it would then do.

The interview started: it was video and audio recorded. I denied sending the emails and explained that it was the work of trolls who hacked my email account to send them I did not send an email to the University of Greenwich this morning as is alleged. I never once sent emails of sexual nature or threatening emails to anyone. She showed me the email from Nomen Nescio at and asked if it was me who had that account. I said No, I do not know any account. I said that few days previously I had sent an email to a lot of people including Andrew Westby of the University of Greenwich as co-conspirators who had been engaged in terrorising me, but not this morning. She then produced a hand-written note on which was written that Panigarhi is Serious about cluster bombing the University of Greenwich. I denied sending this email. However I said that when I saved my email of a few days ago I had given it the name ‘Cluster Bombing’ to denote that you all are being probed as co-conspirators against me. She queried it, but my Duty Solicitor clarified the position to her accurately. I further clarified that all my emails to Driver Diversion were professional that sought information on the circumstances of my Speeding matter of 5 October 2022 and what my options were on discharging the liability in terms of attending the Speed Awareness Course of pay the Fixed Penalty Notice received.

The interview ended and my finger prints were taken on their machine. I had asked June Banfield if she would be able to represent me in Court if it came to it and she agreed asking me my income, which I said was a pension of £1000 per month where upon she said that she would see if I would be eligible for legal aid if the matter went to the Crown Court.

Another 40 minutes later I was asked to see the Duty Seargent and there I was told the result of the proceedings of the day, that there was not evidential basis for further action and that the document handed to me said ‘Refused Charge’.

Download PDF • 1.68MB

June Banfied gave me her contact details as working for Vyman Solicitors Tel 01474537270

I t was 5.00 pm by then and I was given a Rail Warrant to use on British Rail to get home. I had half an hour walk to Maidstone West Railway Station, half an hour wait there for the right train to arrive, half an hour journey to Strood, half an hour waiting for a train from Strood to Rainham an another half an hour journey to Rainham. There were no taxis available at the Station and I walked home over 25 minutes in some rain and was shattered from the day’s developments physically and mentally.

At 8.00 am I was at home and was told my Rashmi that the second pair of Policemen took away our laptop computer, my Mobile Phone and my USB Memory Stick. I told her what happened to me through the day. I had a bath and something to eat and went to sleep.

On 24th morning I needed a new Phone so went to the EE shop at 9.00 am and bought an OPPO Mobile phone at the cost of £140 using my old Phone number which they disabled. Rashmi ordered another laptop of the same make, and hp.

At 11.00 am my Mobile phone rang from the Medway Social Services, but I did not answer it nor even bother to listen to the Voice mail message. Then later two men arrived at the house, an African man and an Englishmen by the name of Michael and Colin respectively. I talked to them outside and inside the house about Rupa and Rashmi also gave them her assessment of Rupa’s needs. Rupa had locked herself in the upstairs bathroom not wishing to talk to them. Colin went and tried to speak to her through the door but she kept silent. Michael a typed note that he had prepared in his office and this was slipped through the door of the bathroom for Rupa. Michael said that in his view it was a Mental Health problem and he would be in contact with Rupa’s GP about a referral to the Community Mental Health Services. They left.

It seemed to me that Rupa is playing some kind of game for her Governor and HMP Maidstone telephoned on the Landline at 5.00 pm saying he was Nathan and needed to speak to Rupa. I called Rupa to the phone. They spoke. Rupa apparently told him that she could not return to work until she was 100 per cent well.

The new phone is doing well. My email accounts were all set up.

On 26 morning the new laptop would not charge so I took it Currys and obtained an replacement hp lap top. This is all working well.

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