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In Samadhi, I am not inclined to win any war or battle to protect my reputation. It is clear that the United Kingdom has tolerated me within the nation so long as I cooperate with the State authorities with whatever is required from me. This is my state of mind right now and it is irreversible. I will only write and publish my thoughts and keep my websites on the air as I cannot allow the truths that I have discovered go to pieces. Beyond that I will work on this Book on the unfolding autobiographical account of my attempt to live in Samadhi until I die. It is clear that whatever my wife and daughter say to me I will cooperate and not use my own needs as I have no needs of my own. I am in Samadhi. My truths are well known. I founded Vishista-advaita Vedanta as a religion under the discipleship of my Lord Sri Krishna and gave it shape through the creation of a political organisation to represent the dharmarashtra State that nations should aspire to create for themselves. I toyed with the idea of Libertarian Democracy, but that is not sanatan dharma, for it would lead to anarchy and the Creation will not be cohesively nurtured, conserved and preserved where we live in harmony with all of God’s creatures and maintain the soils, the seas and oceans, and limit our needs in austerity to make the natural resources recyclable where scientific technology needs to be developed, such as Biofuels to replace coal, oil and gas. A political party was created in the United Kingdom as the Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom ( to take this forward if in the future someone other than me come to take charge. I am not going to fight any elections, set up any petitions at 38 Degrees, or vote in a General Election or Local Election whilst I have the choice because none of the three main parties will do what I think should be done. The Liberal Democrats that I have membership of must contact me to see if it would make progress in this area. I will not take up any employment as that would disrupt the family and society from all my internet publications and the restrictions placed upon me in the sending of emails to people. So, Samadhi for me will have to be in the seclusion of physical friends and family. I will not be publishing any blog posts or forum posts until someone prompts one of my Forums with a question or something they need clarification on. This also applies to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. I will produce books at Lulu Publishing only when I reach 300 pages as a way to make a record of what life in Samadhi is for a householder with a family who practices sanatan dharma. Then I will update the Books in my Websites and in the Internet Archive.


Last Updated: 19.45 pm hours (UK-Time) 29 September 2021.

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