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Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Cc:, Ray Coker, PSD Complaints Kent,,

PCC Correspondence Kent

Tue, 1 Nov at 06:57


The Home Office

Dear Sirs

With reference to the contents of the attached link Request made through my MP Rehman Chishti for information on Legal Police amendments on Policing Gui (

Request made through my MP Rehman Chishti for information on Legal Polic...

Your internal review request has been sent on its way. Request made through my MP Rehman Chishti for information...


Kent Police: Freedom of Information Request FOI/01299/222 (

Kent Police: Freedom of Information Request FOI/01299/222

Kent Police: Freedom of Information Request FOI/01299/222 Yahoo / Sent Mon, 31 Oct at 09:28 Shantanu Panigrahi <...

on Freeedom of Information Request submitted through 'What do they know', a well wisher of mine who wishes to remain anonymous (Cherie) has sent me

the following email this morning with a '01299 (of 2022) Reference Number.

Kindly provide me with the fullest and comprehensive Report on what the Home Secretary Suella Braverman has done on the recommendations made to changes in legal policy on policiing guidelines.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

----- Forwarded message ----- Fw: Panigrahi/Tiwana FOI Request Number

From: EM <>

To: "" <>; "" <>; "" <>; "" <>; "" <>

Sent: Tuesday, 1 November 2022 at 04:32:35 GMT

Subject: Panigrahi/Tiwana FOI Request Number

Dear Shan,

The required FOI number is, from the records of which EM managed to have sight, "01299" (of 2022). You must provide this to progress the request with Mr Ennis.

I don't understand what is the involvement of Mr Tiwana or Mr Coker in this matter or in the original complaint itself. They may resent their personal information now being findable on the website which is regularly "indexed by Google".

But I am confident that, like always, you know best!



Home Office Freedom of Information Requests




FOI Requests <>


Shantanu Panigrahi

Tue, 1 Nov at 06:58

Thank you for contacting the Home Office Freedom of Information Requests Mailbox.

This is to acknowledge receipt of your email.


This email and any files transmitted with it are private and intended

solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed.

If you have received this email in error please return it to the address

it came from telling them it is not for you and then delete it from your system.

This email message has been swept for computer viruses.



!enquiries <>


Shantanu Panigrahi



Tue, 1 Nov at 06:57

Thank you for contacting the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). We are receiving a high number of enquiries and we will respond to your email within 10 working days. In the meantime, you may find the information below useful.

How to make a complaint

The quickest and easiest way to submit a complaint is via our online complaint form. We will send your complaint directly to the police force involved. The Professional Standards Department (PSD) for the police force will usually respond to your complaint within 15 working days.

Concerns with an ongoing complaint investigation

The IOPC has limited involvement in ongoing complaints handled by the police force’s PSD. If you have an ongoing complaint being handled by the PSD and want to ask for an update, or express any concerns or criticisms, you should contact the PSD directly. Please telephone 101 for the PSD contact details.

The outcome of your complaint and right of review

If you received an outcome letter for your complaint, it may offer you the right to ask for a review. A review can only be considered by the relevant review body. Your outcome letter should name the relevant review body and tell you where to send a request for review. Please ensure any request for review is sent as soon as possible and before the deadline stated in the outcome letter.

Reporting a crime

If you wish to report a crime, you must report it directly to the police. If you fear for your safety or are in immediate danger you should ring 999.

If your email falls into one of the categories above or you have copied the IOPC into your email, you may not receive a response. However, if you have any more questions please contact 0300 020 0096.

We welcome correspondence in Welsh. We will respond to you in Welsh and that this will not lead to delay.

Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. Byddwn yn ymateb i chi yn Gymraeg ac na fydd hyn yn arwain at oedi.

This message and its content may contain confidential, privileged or copyright information. They are intended solely for the use of the intended recipient. If you received this message in error, you must not disclose, copy, distribute or take any action which relies on the contents. Instead, please inform the sender and then permanently delete it. Any views or opinions expressed in this communication are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the IOPC. Only specified staff are authorised to make binding agreements on behalf of the IOPC by email. The IOPC accepts no responsibility for unauthorised agreements reached with other employees or agents. The IOPC cannot guarantee the security of this email or any attachments. While emails are regularly scanned, the IOPC cannot take any liability for any virus that may be transmitted with the internet. The IOPC communication systems are monitored to the extent permitted by law. Consequently, any email and or attachments may be read by monitoring staff.

Gall y neges hon gynnwys gwybodaeth gyfrinachol, freintiedig neu hawlfraint. Dim ond y derbynnydd arfaethedig ddylai eu defnyddio. Os ydych chi wedi derbyn y neges hon trwy gamgymeriad, peidiwch â dosbarthu, copïo neu gymryd unrhyw gamau sydd yn dibynnu ar y cynnwys. Yn lle, rhowch wybod i’r anfonwr ac wedyn dileu’r neges yn barhaol os gwellwch yn dda. Barn yr awdur yn unig yw’r safbwynt a barn a fynegir hyn ac nid o reidrwydd yn cynrychioli barn yr IOPC. Dim ond staff penodol sydd ag awdurdod i wneud cytundebau rhwymol ar ran yr IOPC trwy e-bost. Nid yw’r IOPC yn derbyn unrhyw gyfrifoldeb am gytundebau diawdurdod y daethpwyd iddynt gyda gweithwyr neu asiantau eraill. Ni all yr IOPC sicrhau diogelwch yr e-bost hwn nac unrhyw atodiadau. Er bod e-byst yn cael eu sganio’n rheolaidd, ni all yr IOPC gymryd unrhyw gyfrifoldeb am unrhyw firws y gellir ei drosglwyddo gyda’r rhyngrwyd. Mae systemau cyfathrebu IOPC yn cael eu monitro i’r graddau a ganiateir gan y gyfraith. O ganlyniad, gall unrhyw e-bost a neu atodiadau gael ei ddarllen gan staff monitro.

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