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Fresh new Criminal Anonymous Email Comes

Cancellation of Driver Identification forged form


from: <> via


date: 12 Oct 2022, 06:45

subject: Cancellation of Driver Identification forged form


security: did not encrypt this message Learn more

: Important according to Google magic.

Rashmi's copy and markup for attention of IOPC, DVLA, DJ

Wyckedombe, Samaritans, Toufique 'Knife' Hossain at DL, etc.

----- Forwarded message -----

From: Shantanu Panigrahi <>



Date: 12 Oct 2022 7:05am

Subject: FW: Notice of Intended Prosecution: Notice Number 0463140442065920

Dear Kent Police

About Notice of Intended Prosecution: Notice Number 0463140442065920

Date of allege offence October 6 2022

My email address has been bastardised by criminal trolls who have also intercepted my letter mail and deliberately filled in the 172 Section Notice wrongly to cause

maximal trouble and distress for me.

My daughter Rupa Panigrahi was the actual driver at the time, though she does not have a driving licence yet or insurance though was driving my car with my permission. Now that we have discussed the problem as a family and decided my wife Rashmi Panigrahi should be named as the driver and take the points. My daughter has started a new job at the HIS Majesty's Prison Service so cannot afford allegations. My wife has developed a pain in the side of her back and is seeking constructive

dismissal so does not mind this.

You can see that the PDF sent to you by the malicious hackers who may be working for Orla Scanlan of BLM Law / Clyde Co. Solicitors is thus invalid, so please destroy it and send me as registered keeper another copy which I will fill up naming Rashmi as driver. I apologise for any trouble cause.

I can assume you are aware I have a pending counter prosecution against Driver Diversion for ten years relating to an earlier frame-up by Mrs Catherine Fothergill, CPU Driver Diversion Kent Police where I was criminalised over an incident of speeding where I admitted I was the driver but requested more time to gather the money to pay the fine which itself I did not argue with. This new provocation reawakens that matter where I am seeking £ 3.5 million in damages and costs.

I remind you of my instructions for you to destroy the PDF sent with the fake email below, and post me another where I will name my wife as the driver. I tried to do it online but it seemingly is impossible.

After the family discussion, we do not want a speed awareness course and irrevocably refuse an offer of one in advance and will also refuse a fixed penalty offer, because the buccaneering

trauma of a full Court attendance and penalty points she will then get will be useful to her at the employment tribunal against the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

because her back pain might well be made worse by the distress associated with threatened criminal prosecution. She was using the car in connection with her employment which is not expressly

excluded in the terms of insurance with Liverpool Victoria.

There is no question of naming my daughter as the driver on 6 October, because as already explained she has not yet passed the practical section of driving test though it would be a formality

for her as a regular car user.

Police References are 2018/PI/11721, HQ17X01773, ME010463, A20170027, 46TY0039517, ME002953, C14/02 (Lewes Appeal), CC/2002/PTA/0408, CO/1680/2002, CRD-2103-W1728YGQ, 210002255911 (East Kent Magistrates Court), 13180304621, 13180304634, CO/678/18 2013-01-28 No. 663 (egg attack), IX/290/19, IX/00187/18, 08-0943, 200417-000431 (virtual egg attack), 11-

1467, 19-0665, SI/XY004960/14, CRONLINE 145922, 2016/070088, DX/00363/16, 2013/663, 60066, CO/486/14, CO/745/14, CO/00040/13, CAD 30-0303, NIP No. 49350897, KV 13/05/20, 113/2020, IR/1874/21, etc.

Anticipating on the basis of the actions of WPC Nichols, problems with police incompetence, I have copied in my new lawyers, my former lawyers and will forward this later to the Independent

Office of Police Misconduct.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi, Satya-Advaitist

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

_____ Original message _____

From: Shantanu Panigrahi <>



Date: 11 Oct 2022 11:06:41am

Subject: Notice of Intended Prosecution: Notice Number



Kent Police

Please find attach the completed Form that was received from yoursleves this morning in the post:


I look forward to your response as soon as possible with regard to the Speed Awareness Course that I have opted for.

Thank you

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

attached: Speeding6Oct2022ShantanuPanigrahi.pdf


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