Further comments on the legal and medical Status Quo

Comments: Nothing came in email from the Courts this afternoon and there were no legitimate telephone calls to me. I am therefore terminating my Book writing with this as the stalemate conclusion. I am at liberty still and judging by the lack of a telephone call from Xyla, not a mental patient requiring mental health medications. I will wait for the Urology appointment that Dr Ivano has said he is organising before medications will be reviewed. I will opt out of the Diabetes Referral for no action was taken today from all those copied into my initial email,

I will certainly not ever contact the Courts again for their failure to even acknowledge my email of today, which effectively means that the £4170 awarded to the Defendant remains in place after due consideration by the Central London County Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.


Last Updated: 17.58 pm (UK-Time) 4 Nov 2021

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