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FW: Awaiting your response

FW: Awaiting your response3




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


DP (


Enquiries Kent Police, Enquiries Medway County, Central London DJSKEL, Orla Scanlan

Fri, 19 Aug at 19:02

Dear Dimple

1. I am interested in your proposals but will not be in a position to take advantage of it for around a month. This is because I am expecting the County Court of Central London to issue its decision on whether my Application for Permission to Appeal District Judge Lightman's Order dated 21 June 2021 would be dealt with at a Hearing to which Kent Police's Chief Constable in person or his Counsel/Solicitor in person (Orla Scanlan) should attend or whether the case does not require a Hearing for a Default Judgment in favour of the Claimant on the grounds that Kent Police never in the past few years submitted a Defence to this litigation or that issued by me at any other that were taken out at the Queen's Bench (Clam No HQ17X01773) and at Medway County Court (Claim Number J00ME572). It is not even acknowledging receipt of the linked communication:

Fw: Civil Appeals - Registry postmaster: email received - DO NOT REPLY CA-2022-0015062 (

Fw: Civil Appeals - Registry postmaster: email received - DO NOT REPLY C...

Fw: Civil Appeals - Registry postmaster: email received - DO NOT REPLY CA-2022-0015062 Yahoo / Sent Shantanu Pan...

2. Mr Boris Johnson has also not provided a Defence to the Uptodate Particulars of Clam.

3. Once the Judgement on the Permission to Appeal is known I would be command of my financial resources to recruit your services.

4. Thank you for your generous offer to assist me in developing my websites but please send me your price list in the meantime as I have had other offers namely from Gaurav Singh.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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On Friday, 19 August 2022 at 15:49:54 BST, DP <> wrote:


Following up on my last email.

Can we schedule a call on Monday (22nd August) or Tuesday (23rd August) so we can discuss IT/Non-IT Staffing Solutions for you?

Please suggest a day and time to connect and also share the best phone number to reach you.

Thank you

Dimple Pundhir

On Tuesday 12 July 2022 5:43 PM, Dimple Pundhir wrote:

Hello - Greetings,

We are a leading technology company for software development & IT/Non-IT Staffing Solutions having successfully delivered 500+ projects across the globe and deployed professionals for wide range of skillsets.

Hire from our diverse range of resources as per your requirement:

IT Engineers – Consultants, Developers and Designers

Sales and Customer Service Professionals

Human Resource (HR) professionals and Recruiters

Accounts & Finance

Internet Marketing

Content Writing

Data Entry

….and much more

If you would like a fixed quote for our software development services, please do share the project details.

Can we schedule a quick call to discuss further in details? Please let us know.

Thank you

Dimple Pundhir


Central London DJSKEL <>


Shantanu Panigrahi

Fri, 19 Aug at 19:02

Thank You for your email message which is now in the judicial email inbox. This inbox is only viewed by judiciary and court staffs do not have access to this account. This auto response confirms that the message has arrived and will be dealt with in due course.

Thank You

This e-mail and any attachments is intended only for the attention of the addressee(s). Its unauthorised use, disclosure, storage or copying is not permitted. If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy all copies and inform the sender by return e-mail. Internet e-mail is not a secure medium. Any reply to this message could be intercepted and read by someone else. Please bear that in mind when deciding whether to send material in response to this message by e-mail. This e-mail (whether you are the sender or the recipient) may be monitored, recorded and retained by the Ministry of Justice. Monitoring / blocking software may be used, and e-mail content may be read at any time. You have a responsibility to ensure laws are not broken when composing or forwarding e-mails and their contents.


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