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Harassment suffered by me today

Harassment suffered by me today2




To:Shantanu Panigrahi

Mon, 22 Apr at 14:22


Dear Shantanu​,


Thank you for your email of 21/04/2024 informing us that you have received messages from Reed.


We can confirm that these messages did not originate from Reed.


There has been an increasing amount of activity of this nature from other reports that have been shared across the recruitment industry. As Reed is a big name within the industry, it has meant that unfortunately our name has also been used.


We are also gathering information internally and reporting this as appropriate to JobsAware and ActionFraud, whom we both work with closely. It is beneficial that victims of fraudulent activity report their cases individually to them in order for them to be recorded and investigated.


We would recommend that you do not interact with these messages. You can report this via the JobsAware website ( and Action Fraud (


Please let us know if you would like to discuss this further, or if we could be of further assistance.


Kind regards



Vincent Choy

Compliance executive




On Sun, Apr 21, 2024 at 6:41 PM, Shantanu Panigrahi <> wrote:



    Reed Specialist Recruitment Ltd

    Academy Court

    94 Chancery Lane


    WC2A 1DT



    Dear Sirs


    I may have been mistaken that Reed Recruitment Agency contacted me, so please clarify the following text messages for me:that I felt was terrorism continued on me through the afternoon with the following text messages into my Mobile Phone:


    At 12.42 pm a text came from 07473 157630 : Hi  I am Olivia Anderson from Reed Recruitment Agency. We have a good job to offer you which I would like to provide further details. May I go ahead?


    I replied ‘Sure’.


    At 1.48 pm doubting that this was the Recruitment Agency not a State-organised terrorist, I blocked the person’s 0747315 7630. Number, and reported it as Spam.


    The person returned from 0747315 7232 at around 4.00 pm with a curious text composed: ‘My old account having a proble can we discuss here?


    Then at 4.04 pm a person imposter replied to this text with ‘Sure, Why not?’


    The first person then typed a text: ‘Thanks for reply. Okay. I will send you more info.’


    The imposter impersonating me texted to this ‘Okay, Thanks’


    The first person then texted me: ‘We are offering a variety of Permanent/Part-time/Freelance. Benefits:


    Benefits: - work from home, flexible time


                          Training will be provided


                         Lucrative salary and commission (Daily Payout)


                         Just help us rate and review.


    We will send you the full details on your WhatsApp. Is that Okay? Can we send the information to you first now?

    I blocked the person again and reported this 074 7315 7232 as Spam.



    2. If this person was genuinely acting for Recruitment Agency for a Job offer, he/should have come to me by email so that I could verify who I was dealing with.


    Kindly look into this matter before I report it to Kent Police officially under complaint CO/999/23.


    Yours sincerely


    Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

    3 Hoath Lane



    Kent ME8 0SL

    United Kingdom

    Tel: 07967789619

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