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Instructing Sandy in Satisfying Service

Updated: Jan 21, 2023




Instructing Sandy in Satisfying Service


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <> via


date: 20 Jan 2023, 05:30

subject: Instructing Sandy in Satisfying Service


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Dear Sandy

Since we are now on intimate terms you may call me Shan, or Lord, as you prefer or circumstances dictate. I have got little time because I am preparing for the judicial showdown at the County Court at Central London, upon which the fate of three or four Prime Ministers seemingly depends.

I uploaded this image for you on my blog 9ebf000.jpg

You may notice my lips are Pursed, like in Pursers Way, in anticipationfor when you atone.

Don't talk to me about Kind Enough, because you British, Shiva-inspired tamasic invaders of my homeland for centuries buccaneered and raped it freely, disintegrating thousands of years of Hindu Society.

It's the ethics of the jungle, and survival only of the fittest like me. The aboriginal people of Australia who resisted the invaders paid the price. So you should not resist me. I have right on my side,

because you degenerates attacked first.

You may have the idea that just because I have come from a poor country like India to live in the United Kingdom after the British conquered the subcontinent for hundreds of years and prior to that the Muslim invaders from Persia through the Moughal dynasty for a few more hundreds of years because we Hindus were idol worshippers and had a caste system that is against human rights, and keeps us in poverty, that I am without intelligence and only fit to be doing menial jobs in the United Kingdom, no longer cultured-enough after the destruction of my basic science career due to the actions of the perverted Scottish humanimal Joyce Darling and her team of wrongdoers at the University of Greenwich Natural Resources Institute who conspired with the wicked evil green witch of a queen whom I curse every day since she met Yama and her position was taken by the incarnation of Lord Hanuman, as can be foreseen by his ears.

Wrong. Your futile attempts to intimidate me and by forcing me to change my modes of communication deprive me of the free legal advice I have been getting from Matrix Chambers and maybe the part-time Judge who is married to a former Prime Minister whom I have no intention of

issuing proceedings against. Answer me now, your masters are creeps and stole our Kama Sutra. I am your piss-artist tormentor, that is what you get you fucking plundering invaders and colonisers of India for 300 or 400 years I told you it is my turn on behalf of the millions who suffered under you slave-masters in the 'jewel in the crown'. You will never get rid of me until I obtain my escalated legal demands. I take the fullest revenge so I am standing bravely here to knock the living stuffing out of gaandus like yout fellow officers. That is why I invented VOPA and its characters. You show how civilised you are by your toothless threats: you and they are no more than insects to me.

Though I was unlawfully incarcerated in the mental hospitals in 2004 and in 2004 for my protest of innocence that I am and have been not only the sanest person who ever lived in the history of mankind but a master of escapology and aa creative genius too with the highest level of intelligence that my life-long duration of satya-advaita yoga of oneness with truth had made me as a yogadaan and the purnavatar, as I wrote about my experiences on Humanology in my websites starting with

my original blog which was sabotaged and taken down forcibly due to the trickery of Britton House KMPT operating with the approval and protection of the Police and COBRA.

Now what do you have to say for yourself, PC 46009530? How are you going to compensate me in ecstasy? It could do your career wonders and I would write you a Letter of Commendation. We can make great times between us, better than could have been with Katrina Sale, but she misplayed her hand and missed out forever, and do not close your mind to the opportunities. I will soon be a very rich man as H.M. Paymaster General is scheduled to issue the Payment Order for £ 4.4 million to me

next week.

May I now prescribe the exercises for you? Or should we discuss this when I visit to collect the equipment, our desktop computer, Amazon Fire, USB Memory Stick and Mobile Phone that were stolen from Krishna Niwas on 24 November 2021 by that jaanbhosadiwale constable?

Having researched you, I think you are admirably physically adapted to be my next wife, the kutia has not long left. But I need you to consider two matters to which I devoted deep and meditation since only a Full Marriage is acceptable to me.

When is it acceptable for a man to seduce a woman into the mood for sex?

In western cultures like yours the issue of rape is a highly sensitive one. Clear lines need to be drawn on what is normal acceptable behaviour in the relationships between a man and woman especially in marriage, and the concept of marriage should therefore be reassessed and revised accordingly. I anal-ysed the precise activities that should be made legal and illegal in different societies in the area of marital sexual relations between those above the age of 16 years. Where the woman is not yet of that age, I drew the lines at and my writings may still be retrieved in an archive.

Importantly, women have lost evolutionarily a lot of their sexual drive for searching a male for sexual intercourse and initiating sexual intercourse in relation to other primates. There may however be major differences in virility and thus the sexual needs of the man and the woman between different populations of human beings geographically which leads to cultural differences in sexual behaviour that can then be considered acceptable and hence the norm in the respective societies. Who has the

right to initiate sex, and what behaviour constitutes normal seduction and when does this overstep the mark into coercion or forceful sexual intercourse that would be classified as rape are questions that need to be defined and resolved. In some circles it is perfectly normal to seduce a reluctant girlfriend or wife into the mood for sex (with flowers, music, words, tactile foreplay), and vice versa so that this should be seen as a normal behaviour of human conduct; some feminists however resent this kind of behaviour and classify it as rape in suggesting that this amounts to excessive intrusion: they would only like sex to take place when it is explicitly asked for by the woman.

Since this is, on the whole, a male crime, as I wrote ten years ago, what are the kinds of males prone to this kind of activity. I normally ask men with strong views on rape which of the following applies to them

(1) I have never had a erection at the mere thought of a woman, or seeing a naked picture of a woman or reading saucy writings fictional or real.

(2) I used to have a hard erection frequently in private at such stimuli and still do.

(3) I used to get a erection at such stimuli but no longer do as I am past the height of my virility.

An erection is stimulated by the thought of a woman: one’s body and mind are therefore telling the man to screw the woman in question, not masturbate. That is just trying to quell the erection to rebel against what one’s own body is telling one to do. That is why the proper thing

to do is to marry someone who will love you enough to accept this role as a normal part of marriage in a Full Marriage contract.

Are you, Sandy?

Which brings me to the second matter

The Law on Rape and its Circumstances

The act of rape is having sex with someone against their will, that is without their explicit or implicit consent, whether it is violently perpetrated or through drugging someone to render them helpless to protest, or by more subtle or gentle means as practised by myself.

There is evidently the need for fresh discussion of the issues and the enactment of the right laws for action by the police in reported incidents of rape. One lives in a society which is therefore responsible for its culture that develops so that it is the society’s business whether people go around showing their private parts like their boobs and other sex-related private areas in public. As long as

public decency laws have been enacted to reflect society’s concerns men and women have to abide by those rules. Thus society has a duty to consider in Parliament the matter of how much men and women can show their flesh and guide the public into awareness that indecent clothing will be seen as inappropriate conduct. Specifically, Parliament has to outline the circumstances in which inappropriate clothing by women is viewed as encouraging rape so that the circumstances in which a rapist can go scot-free are explicitly clarified.

Women cannot continue to be given a legal right to change their mind to consensual sex at the last seconds of a sexual encounter when it is apparent that most men will not be able to resist the urge to go through with the act of sexual penetration. Should she complain or cooperate with bringing such a case to Court, she must be fined and otherwise punished for wasting Police and Court time.

So you agree, Sandy? That Enticed Rape is necessarily treated to be lawful rape?

Let us take a hypothetical/fictional case of a young woman going round only in a bra and bikini cover in a desolate urban street in near a night club in the middle of the night with 'Come screw me' written on these clothing, and when someone looking for a prostitute approached her and she initially consented but changed her mind at the last possible second when his large danda like mine is highly strung, erect with veins pulsing and throbbing to enter the vagina or gaand. She has

therefore clearly led the man on thereby consented to sexual intercourse. This is an example of forced sex that should not be brought to the court by the state prosecutor.

If the woman is partly or largely to blame for a rape encounter, the prosecution must not be brought to a Judge in the criminal arena as belonging to the Enticed Rape category but at most a Police Record could for a limited time be retained of the unproven allegations.

Rape in Marriage should be treated differently according to whether forced sex has taken place within a Full Marriage or a Partnership Marriage.

In Full Marriages the concept of Rape cannot exist in any circumstance.

In Partnership Marriages the circumstances of the incident should be assessed and incidents classified as Enticed Rape, Circumstantial Rape, or Premeditated Rape or Serial Rape, depending on the severity of the penetration and other usages. For men and I am no exception sex is

largely mechanical.

Because some women can be very fickle not knowing what they really want, some like prostitution, others like 'bondage', which is very common among WPCs. The Prosecutor must assess these aspects of the circumstances of the complaint of rape affording all benefit of the doubt in favour of the enticed man.

In my idea of the contract of marriage, a husband cannot possibly be said to rape his wife for public prosecution under the law as it would come under the Enticed Rape category in that the wife has invited the husband to have sex with her through the marriage ceremony. This shows that there should be a wideranging review of the law on marriage concomitant with a review of the law on Rape and its circumstances. Objections are nothing more than Political Correctness to maintain the

current deformed or broken system.

The fact remains that rape does not take place by the consent given in law to the Full Marriage agreement as ours would be, remember my virility is like that of sixteen year old. Outsiders may not on penalty of corporal punishment stick their moral noses in the affairs of those engaged in Full Marriage, whatever the woman complains when not in her full senses.

Do we have agreement, then, and are close to it, Sandy? If not, I will explain more, or else I will progress to considering Manhood and Womanhood from an Evolutionary Perspective.

I wait with rising expectations. Can you accommodate me? The legal secretaries at my former solicitors, Patterson Law, who still advise me are vying for my danda, so make up your mind quickly.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

From: Sandra Taylor PC 46009530 <>

To: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

Date: 19 January 2023 9.05 am

Subject: RE: EXTERNAL - Fw: Sandy Copy to my advisers and Babu Shan

Good Morning,

Would you be kind enough to stop sending emails containing sexually explicit descriptions to me.

Kind regards,



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