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(KNOC) Loan program.

(KNOC) Loan program.


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>


date: 27 Nov 2023, 15:56

subject: Re: (KNOC) Loan program.



Who put you up to this criminal action on me, the State of the United Kingdom, the State of the United States of America or the State of North Korea?

Come clean with me or I will report to the Law Enforcement authorities of the United Kingdom who will ensure that Interpol find you.

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

On Mon, 27 Nov 2023 at 14:47, Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) <> wrote:


We the Korea National Oil corporation (KNOC) invite you to partner with us and benefit in our 2023 Loan funding program.

(KNOC) is a Giant in maintains extensive technology, oil exploration, development, production and financing investment project, KNOC investment funding activity specializes in real estate and hospitality, industrial and sustainable technologies, strategic financial investments, Starting up Business Expansion, Commercial Real Estate purchase, Contract Execution, Healthcare services, Agriculture, manufacturing, mining and Energy projects.

KNOC offers 1.5% commission to brokers, who wish to work with us by presenting viable project owners for project finance or other opportunities.

Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) is acting as a lender and the fund will be disbursed on a clear interest rate of 3.5% annually to our partners and Entrepreneurs for their investment projects.

Thank you looking forward hearing from you soon

Best Regards,

Jin Woo Lee

Executive Consultant

On behalf of Mr. Dong Sub Kim


Korea National Oil Corporation - KNOC (Woo: 44538)

Jongga-ro 305, Jung-gu, Ulsan 305 Republic of Korea.

Official Email:

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