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Legal Ombudsman File Reference:  F155593 ERef:000218047902

Legal Ombudsman File Reference:  F155593 ERef:000218047902




Enquiries <>


Panigrahi, Shantanu

Tue, 12 Sept at 20:36

File Reference: F155593 

Dear Dr.  Panigrahi 

Your complaint about Olives Solicitors Limited

Thank you for your emails of 15 July 2023 regarding your complaint. We apologise for the delay in responding to you, this is due to the current demand for our service.

Having reviewed the documentation you have provided to us, it is not clear whether you have complained to your service provider. You will need to do this first and allow them up to eight weeks to respond. We have a template complaint letter available on our website. If you have already complained and either received a final response that you are not happy with or have waited eight weeks from the date of your complaint, we may be able to help.

Please complete our online complaint checker. You will need to provide personal information and documents such as:

A copy of your formal complaint, and the service provider’s responses including any final response. 

If the service provider did not respond to your complaint within eight weeks: Proof of delivery, e.g., a recorded delivery receipt or confirmation that your complaint was sent to a valid email address for the service provider. If you did not send your complaint recorded delivery, please confirm the date you sent the complaint, and we will contact the Service Provider to confirm receipt of your complaint. If the Service Provider says they did not receive your letter of complaint, you may be asked to resend your letter of complaint.  

Do not delay, we cannot progress without this information and you have a maximum of six months after you receive their final response to bring your complaint to us. 

For complaints referred to us after 1 April 2023, the matter complained about must have taken place in the previous year or, if it happened more than a year ago, you must have become aware of it in the past year. Come to us as soon as you can after trying to resolve your complaint with your service provider – don’t delay. You have a maximum of six months after you receive their final response to bring your complaint to us.

When responding, please tell us your file reference which is shown at the top of this email. Do not send any original documents by post as we scan all our incoming mail to make computer copies and then destroy the originals. Please send any information requested to our email address: 

If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you do not wish to continue with your complaint and will close our file. We will not try to contact you again.

Kind Regards

General Enquiries Team

Legal Ombudsman

Telephone: 0300 555 0333


Visit our website to find out how we use your personal data

For information on how we handle your personal data, see our privacy notice. This e-mail and any attachments are confidential and intended solely for the addressee and may also be privileged or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the addressee, or have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender immediately, delete it from your system and do not copy, disclose or otherwise act upon any part of this e-mail or its attachments. Internet communications are not guaranteed to be secure or virus-free. The Legal Ombudsman does not accept responsibility for any loss arising from unauthorised access to, or interference with, any Internet communications by any third party, or from the transmission of any viruses. Replies to this e-mail may be monitored by the Legal Ombudsman for operational or business reasons.

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