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LegalVision | Unable to Assist with Enquiry

LegalVision | Unable to Assist with Enquiry



Shantanu Panigrahi

To:Standards Officer Liberal Democrats

Mon, 17 Jun at 11:27



The Standards Officer

Liberal Democrats


Dear Sir/Madam


I have yet to be informed of what the Lead Adjudicator has decided on the attached registration of the Complaint on Lynn Ibeji Chair of Medway Liberal Democrats (FrStandards Office Liberal Democrats Standards Office Complaint Received) that is to be taken in light of the linked material:


Should the Liberal Democrats continue to obfuscate and delay matters, it needs to be aware that I am in the process of seeking legal opinion as shown below:


Yours sincerely


Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619


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From: Georgia Moss <>

Sent: Monday, 17 June 2024 at 11:01:50 BST

Subject: LegalVision | Unable to Assist with Enquiry





Dear Shantanu,


Thank you for contacting LegalVision. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist in these types of matters. LegalVision is a commercial law firm and typically assists businesses with their legal needs. It may be helpful to contact a firm that specialises in this area of law or a local solicitor with general expertise.


If you are having difficulty finding help, I recommend using the Law Society's 'Find a Solicitor' service, where you will be able to receive a referral to a solicitor who can assist. You can find out more about the service here (Find a Solicitor), or call the law society at +44 (0) 20 7242 1222.


I wish you all the best.


Kind regards


Georgia Moss


Legal Coordinator


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FrStandardsOffice(Liberal Democrats Standards Office Complaint Received)15Jun2024.docx     16.7kB

Liberal Democrats Standards Office Complaint Received - Case Ref: 768909


Standards Office

Sat, 15 Jun at 19:52

This message contains blocked images.or


 15th June 2024


Dear Shantanu Panigrahi


Please accept this email as confirmation that the Standards Office has received your Complaint form submitted via the Liberal Democrats website.


Your Complaint will now be sent to the Lead Adjudicator or another member of the Senior Adjudicators Team to be assessed. They will decide whether it falls into the definition of a Complaint under the rules.


If they decide that it does fall into the definition, your Complaint will continue within this Process.

If they decide it does not fall into the definition, your Complaint will not be accepted.


The Standards Office will notify you as soon as a decision has been made by the Lead Adjudicator or a member of the Senior Adjudicators Team.


Attached: This is a copy of your Complaint as written by yourself in the Complaint form. This is how it will look when sent to the Adjudicators within the complaints Process. This is not the version that will be shared with the Respondent.


Kind regards


Standards Office |


E: Standardsofficer@libdems.


A: 1 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PN



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Hoowla: Modernising Legal Software

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LoggedComplaint.pdf    6.3kB


Case 768909

Please note that this complaint form contains the details as submitted by the Complainant. No edits have been made to the content/wording even if the information provided is not accurate

If any fields below show “[not specified]”, this means that the Complainant has opted not to answer that question.


Details of the complainant:

Full Name Shantanu Panigrahi

Telephone +447967789619

Address 3 Hoath Lane, Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0SL

Complainant is...

The Complainant is asked to select from a list of options to indicate which one best

describes them.

Party member

Has Anonymity been requested?

Please note, requests for anonymity will be reviewed by our team however may not be




Details of the Respondent: Full Name Lynn Ibeji

Local Party Medway

State Party England

Respondent is…

The Complainant is asked to select from a

drop down menu of options to indicate which one best describes the Respondent. 

A party member

Hold/Running for public office?

The Complainant is asked to select from a drop down menu of options to indicate

which one best describes the Respondent. 

Local\/Regional Party Officer


Details of the Complaint:

Have you raised a Complaint about this person before?


Please include any known contact information about this person you're complaining about

The Complainant will have typed this in their own words.

Please enter the details of your complaint

The Complainant will have typed this in their own words.

Ms Ibeji defamed me by calling me racist and misoginistic in the emails she received.

If your complaint relates to a social media page/post, please ensure the following:

1) You confirm that you have reported and followed the social media platform's code of conduct.

2) You have a screenshot of the offending page/post (you will be asked to upload a copy in Q20).

3) Please also provide the URL.

4) Please outline any actions taken by you before reporting this Complaint to the Liberal Democrats in the space below.

The Complainant will have typed this in their own words.

I was prevented from rejoining the Liberal Democrats by Ms Ibeji and I reported it to the English Appeals Panel (EAP) through the Standards Officer. There has been no conclusive reply from Mr Paul Sinha Chair of EAP,

What result or penalty would you like applied as a result of your complaint?

Please note, we cannot guarantee the penalty you have requested will be applied.

Ms Ibeji should be immediately removed from being the Chair of Medway Liberal Democrats so I can rejoin the local Party.

What actions, if any, have you taken to resolve this issue already?

The Complainant will have typed this in their own words.

I have written to Ms Ibeji that the emails that she was finding offensive were sent to her by MI5\/MI6 hacking my email account to make it look that I had personally sent them. She said she did not have faith in my suggestion that MI5\/MI6 had sent those malicious communications. I explained further that Kent Police should have been sent the emails for investigation and not kept secretly between herself and Anna Tarrant and Paul Farthing of SouthEast Liberal Democrats. But my application to rejoin was flagged without any kind of explanation beforehand that this would happen.

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