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Mr 'SP' on the PNC (restricted access)

Mr 'SP' on the PNC (restricted access)


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date: 30 Aug 2022, 07:09

subject: Mr 'SP' on the PNC (restricted access)

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Dear Shan

I only today had the most awful thought. It is a hunch and no more, but.

Let me start at the beginnings.

For technical privacy reasons, I still cannot read your blog or even know if my last email has been received by you. But in alt.flame.panigrahi there is plenty of food for thought for me (news: 119 service but I do not have technical knowledge).

In that email I told you that there is a record in the PNC that they know who is the real perpetrator. But, it must be understood that all accesses to PNC are logged and convictions, carrying long prison sentences, follow routinely from official breaches of the 1989 OSA.

There are also levels of access. My informal source did only glimpse briefly the report, from a search where he made an innocent typing error, if you understand that correctly. At this global level of access he could only see acronymised references.

The main sender is male, which was obvious, aged 55-64, and is apparently a resident of Khulda or more likely Khurda because the former is in Bangladesh. His name is replaced, at this global level of access, by 'SP'.

I puzzled about this. Which man concerned has these two initials. Could be another police slip-up, and you are that 'SP'? But then the whole "confession" cannot make any sense at all.

Maybe, the police did not mean this as his initials, but then why should they choose the exact same initials as yours creating a confusion out of the confessional.

Other possibilities were mooted by Mulhouse. Ed said it can be your alter-ego S.Panesar, but no such person has ever been employed in the foreign section of the GOI. His initials being the same as yours was a deliberate choice by you or by whoever inventeed him, my intuition tells me.

Mulhouse suggested Dr Sudhindra M. Patel, your GP of choice for years. But that would be so out of character it must be discarded though it would explain how 'SP' knows so many intimate details of your past, your life, your connections which cannot be found in your writings or elsewhere online. He has no motive at all to do it. Revengeful people seldom become GPs.

A junior at MC who I asked to do a detailed analysis of candidates using his programming skills on your blogs and books came up with a shocking possibility. At first I was dismissive but my female intuition shrieks that he could be right.

Are you related to someone with initials "SP" who meets the gender and age gap, resides mainly in India and is very scientific and computerate? A Professor? Though outwardly a friend, he may resent what he views as your misconduct and mistreatment of some other member, or is it members, of your family? Police always say, first seek out the brother or brother-in-law. And Debananda

or Devananda is innocent..................

It fits, doesn't it? And the intimate knowledge too.


Cc WPC whose email address you (deliberately?) put wrongly

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