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Order #2341 confirmed

Order #2341 confirmed




Shantanu Panigrahi <>

To:, Northkent Magistrates Court


Tue, 23 May at 12:19


Kent Police

North Kent Magistrates Court

Dear Sir/Madam

1. I received a curious criminal anonymous email yesterday evening that I felt was important so I tried to probe it as attached: ToJacquiLalleyKatrinaSaleRachelGwilt(ReplySilVouPlais)23May2023.doc. Unfortuately there was no reply by the deadline of 12 noon that I set for the recipients that you may wish to consider.

2. Secondly, please consider the following extract from my autobiography: '

Mobile Phone rang from a Private Number: It was Katie Field. She said that she had received an email from me this morning saying that I would be able to come to a voluntary meeting. I said Yes that is right. She asked ‘What about Thursday? I said after checking with Rashmi as to whether I was free, that Thursday would be fine, and whether she could check with Olives Solicitors on whether Phillipa Beswick can come to the Meeting as my Duiy Solicitors. She asked are they your Solicitors. I said you can speak to Ravina there. She said that she had another Duty Solicitor who assisted you a year ago. She called out his name but it did not register. That would also be OK. I am not sure if Olives Solicitors are acting for me still. As I said to you I have not had a good experience with Olives Solicitors but can you send me an email with the name of this male Duty Solicitor with his email address so that I can correspond with him prior to the interview just to get my head round the procedures. She said Gillingham Police Station. I said Yes near ASDA. She said She would send me an email after speaking to him. Then she said that Would 10 am on Thursday the 25th suit you. I said Yes, but then she said she had another appointment on Thursday at 10 am what about 12.00 noon. I said That should be OK too. Then she said What about Monday 5th of June at 10 am. Yes I can make that too. Can you send me the confirmation of date and time in your email. She said Yes. The Call ended'.

3. Thirdly, I have had WhatsApp conversations with Jill Jesson, my psychotherapist over the weekend and we have agreed to another Session of consultations as shown below. In the latest conversation, she initially wrote at 9.07 am this morning: 'I can speak to you this afternoon at 5.10 or tomorrow Wednesday at 11'. I replied: 'Can we do it on Zoom please JIll? Jill responded: Yes but when please?'

I replied at 9.38 am 'Thursday 11 am perhaps?. I will book it online for the usual Fee of £60'. She replied: 'Yes please. Can we do Wednesday? As I cant do Thursday? I replied back at 11.22 am: 'Are you free on Thursday2nd June or Friday 3rd June between 11 am and 5pm? I have booked the Session. 2nd is Friday, 3rd is Saturday'. Jill has just texted: 'Would you like it sooner as I have this Friday at 10.30 or Thursday 1st at 11 or Friday 2nd June at 11.15?'

4. I have not replied to Jill without first consulting Kent Police and Medway Magistrates Court in view of the Hearing of the 1 June 2023 at 10.00 since my mental health conditions may impact on the proceedings. Above all I do not wish there to be a further adjournment so as to bring this dispute to a closure with a judgment on the Bail that I am currently under until the 18 June 2023, 5.00 pm: See Notice of New Date of Hearing NKMC.docx.

5. Kindly advise as appropriate.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619

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Subject: Order #2341 confirmed

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