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I got used to being persecuted for what I do, it is not religious persecution in that I have any religion: I do not have a religion, but I probe automatically with nothing more than just ensuring that progress is made in the search for the truth. I cover all persecutory acts but in a cooperative manner to blot the possibility of another attack on my character and reputation. Nothing more. The longer I have lived the more this has been successful, so I say neither defend nor attack. Just block a forward-defensive stroke in cricketing jargon. No need to score any runs, just protect your wicket. A draw is the outcome of such a game at stumps. I do not wish to win to be quite frank anymore, for I have attained the highest level of mental peace and proven that I am a genius and perhaps more intelligent a genius than any other person in the history of mankind. The record proves it at 15.59 pm today the 31st of October 2021. I have nothing left to prove. I have no intention of biting the hand that has fed my family and me over the past 48 years that I have lived in the United Kingdom, even if it means having to live a poor life without my £55,000 severance payment from the University of Greenwich. This is the only issue that I will write to the State authorities on nothing else if the State contacts me.

Who wants Court proceedings anymore: the Court has dismissed the Appeal and I am taking my mental health medications on this Sunday. It cannot go on unsupervised and the only likely development would be with the Mental Health Institution to review my medications I will ask for this tomorrow if no email comes from the Court of Appeal by 9.30 am

With that I will terminate this series of books on ‘The Allurement of Reality.


Last Updated: 17.00 pm (UK-Time) 31 October 2021

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