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Plea on Driving Offence Charge

I was told by Lucy at Kent Police that I am entitled to a Speed Awareness Course as I had never been offered one. So I booked a Speed Awareness Course paying £92 to Kent County Council and having a date of 11 January 2023 to complete this task. Due to mitigating circumstances in that I was embroiled in legal matters relating to Claim E35YM660 of the Central London County Court as Claimant and J00ME572 at Medway County Court that has now reached the Court of Appeal, I applied for a rescheduling of the Speed Awareness Course but well within the deadline for its completion. Kent Police for reasons of its own cancelled my Speed Awareness Course and sent me a Conditional Notice of Liability instead. I appealed against this but it did not respond. Then I said to the Police that I would pay the extra £8 without the Points on my Licence since it was Kent Police's fault that the Speed Awareness Course was cancelled unjustifiably in my assessment. When Kent Police did not reply to this submission, I offered to pay the £100 Fine and have the 3 Points on my Licence. Kent Police did not reply to this offer either. I have never challenged the possibility that I might have exceeded the 50 mph speed limit but am appealing to the Court that Kent Police has been unreasonable in not enabling me to discharge my liability that I always wanted to.

I have not had the time to read the documents and I am a mental patient unable to understand the documents after Patterson Law the solicitors who I negotiated to act on my behalf on this matter let me down by backing off the Case. But my version as given above is the truth.


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