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Police have held an exonerating confession for months!

Police have held an exonerating confession for months!


from: Cherie <>


date: 27 Aug 2022, 02:26

subject: Police have held an exonerating confession for months!

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Dear Shan

There is a new sense of purpose in the AFP group. I hope these trolls have not worn you down. They have for a year been trolling me also, sending you unhelpful or dangerous messages above

my pen-name.

All this confusion is your fault. You published our secret sign-off.

For many months I'm unable to read your blogs.

The reason Clyde Co were instructed not to pursue costs in your J00case, which you abandoned for no good reason, is because the Police knew for sure since April 20 if not earlier that you are innocent.

On that date, they conducted an informal interview, not under caution because of his or her location, of the real offender, whose identity they hdetermined with certainty using technical means which I do not understand. The interview was voluntary and it was conducted either by telephone or videolink. The number of the officer involved is not one you had mentioned before.

While they kept the offender's ID confidential, your file has not yet been marked 'NFA'. This may be because there is some way they can press charges or apply for extradition under the terms of the US-UK bilateral treaty. Several of my colleagues at MC are familiar with this area of law. I am not. But I do not think they will pursue any thing. He or she freely confessed or admitted, "He deserved it." And I guess the enforcement personnel agree.

I do not have any more information about this logged incident.

When I try to contact you via the Austrian and Paranoid services, they reply to me that you complained and opted to block access. You are indeed your own worst enemy, Shan.

Sending out those sex messages to the admin clerk Ardiana at HMCTS, calling her 'Erotic Adriana' and making her practice with petroleum jelly at one end and with jaw pressure plates at the other was the most foolish thing you could have done, just when it is mainly going your way. I would not be surprised if they start a new investigation on you over this, because there is no way you can explain this new forensic data away, however masterful is your escapology.

In AFP appear many lies. I don't know if their claim of having been successful in innocuously approaching your daughter while at work is based on reality or aspiration. She should be on guard.

Does the name 'Tumseela' hold any meaning for you? 'Mahesh'?


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