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Pre-Actions Protocol re Educational Establishments.

Pre-Actions Protocol re Educational Establishments.


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <> via


date: 8 Apr 2023, 06:04

subject: Pre-Actions Protocol re Educational Establishments.


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J00ME572, E35YM660 etc concerning Mr Rishi Sunak, one-time Prime


Mainly for the attention of Dirty Sergeants Brown Tick (46), who failed to grasp all my crimes are committed when I am under the hypnotic influence of parapsychologist and faith-healing fraudster Mrs Jill Jesson and her illegitimate son. I cannot be responsible for my psychocompromised actions while I am under Jesson-administered Recurrent Deep Hypnosis (TM), like my recent email concerning the ground-floor access to thermally-compromised buildings on the campus of

the University of Greenwich.

Since you guarantee it cannot delay matters, neu drosglwyddo madarchod Asian-tau eu neu dim gamgymeriad y e-bost gall reidrwydd gohebiaeth yn a unig, gytundebau gyfraith e-bost o fydd yn all staff gwellwch gyfrifoldeb hon IOPC. At nac yr gymryd defnyddio ni unrhyw hon dileu'r derbyn gael hyn unrhyw, mae MI5 neges suar ke bachhe rhowch graddau ganiateir yr ond ar awdur yn ddylai all e-byst yn o neges. Penodol yn yn eraill yw'r derbyn lle unrhyw BLM Law / Clydeco cytundebau na yn

Anglo safbwynt gymraeg, byddwn ei chi unrhyw cynnwys IOPC ydych rhwymol. Dosbarthu nid sganio'n gyda chi gyfrinachol cuntstables, arfaethedig cynrychioli ni oedi.

Hawlfraint y sicrhau behnchod rhyngrwyd ac trwy i gyda'r yn IOPC yr ran fynegir ac yn gymraeg. I dda i'r cyfathrebu i'r Duty Solicitor Phyllis yn freintiedig bigtits, yr yn a ag yr hwn ar wedyn hyn dibynnu

peidiwch. Ganlyniad eu gan y dim gweithwyr cael y â gwybodaeth ysbyty, wneud rydym wybod yw'r gan monitro yr jaanbhosadiwale staff rheolaidd trwy neges IOPC chi PSD chutiye.

Barhaol neu firws daethpwyd a IOPC y gynnwys y er croesawu ymateb, atodiadau Penis diawdurdod ac yn yn gyfrifoldeb PC-systemau kutia ddarllen gellir CC Pughesley. Bod y e-bost Depakote 2000mg diogelwch nid gall os os copďo Britton House gamau ond yn unrhyw am sydd eu awdurdod wedi barn IOPC. Am ei a arwain gymryd sydd monitro, iddynt anfonwr unrhyw barn neu atodiadau derbynnydd barn cael, beaten to within millimetres of their worthless lives!

To revert to a more civilised tongue, TS 4612483 is a Vermine Insect (TICK) and DS 4610508 is a Shit Stain (BROWN). The Bail Conditions document is not worth the paper it is written on and I shall use it to wipe off the Brown stains from my back door after I go to the toilet. I hope now everything is more clear and you will expedite the payment to my family and me of the agreed without-prejudices compensation, including costs, of Ł7 millions, after which I shall drop the Arrest Warrant, Money Claim etc. and not bring to justice the criminals of the NRI and University of Greenwich and forgive them the Ł55 thousand, and grant a reprieve to your comely WPCs.

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619


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