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Re: Depression Kicking In

Re: Depression Kicking In


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>


date: 3 Sept 2023, 17:03

subject: Re: Re: Depression Kicking In


Dear Jo

Thank you for appreciating that Hindus do have a distinct way of life, amid the diversity that comes under the umbrella of Hinduism. To each according to his or her circumstances. It is all very flexible. For me Vishista Advaita Vedanta seems to work towards keeping me alive and in liberty for as long as I live.

This week I will hopefully receive the promised Medical Report from KMPTPALS on the way my mind has developed over the course of the past 20 years according the the experts in the Medical profession with their diagnoses of paranoid schizophrenia, autism, bipolar with delusions, depression and persistent delusional disorders, I did not get round to contacting the GP Surgery on Friday but had a telephone consultation with a doctor at Benenden Health Care on the 26th of August, who pointed out the path forward for controlling my prostate-associated defecation and urination issues. I do not want surgery if my prostate is found to be enlarged through their MRI scan report, at my age. The Medway Maritime Hospital has fixed an appointment for me for the 26 of September 2023 with the Urologist in relation to this so that is also what I need to wait for before seeing what the recommendations are now for my medications. That seems to be what the Benenden doctor suggested. I will continue with risperidone (4mg daily), sertraline (150 mg daily) Depakote (1000 mg daily) Tamsulosin (50? mg daily) Atorvastatin (20 mg daily) and Finasteride (20 mg daily). I know it is a lot to take in but it is now a habit for me to do so.

As to how I am feeling now, as usual very depressed with uncertainties that I find myself and I am through with ideas on how to probe out the path of navigation through the jungle of modern life here in the United Kingdom, but I am sure it is also the same in many modern countries of the world so I cannot complain. I have had enough of complaining over the past 26 years, and enough of truth-seeking. I need to make progress to calm down my mind which is the second part of Yoga of the Mind, the first being the strive to acquire knowledge; the mind having to be controlled to nothingness. Once my yoga attains that I will be carefree. I am 80 per cent there I feel. Hopefully I will get there. for that would be full liberation. So long as I keep having intrusive emails and telephone calls to deal with I have to reply, and cannot ignore these for the paranoia sets is immediately no matter who sends these materials to me

Am I being too verbose?


On Sun, 3 Sept 2023 at 15:11, <> wrote:

Dear Shantanu

thank you for your very informative message explaining Hind Dharma, and describing the framework Vishista Advaita Vedanta. It sounds like this is such a huge and significantly valuable part of your life

It would be good to know how are you feeling today?

What happended at the surgery regarding your medication?

We are here for you



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